Child authors in the classroom

1 Barrel of Monkeys teaches creative writing workshops in Chicago Public Schools, and in our own after-school program.

Barrel of Monkeys actors in a public performance

2 The ensemble adapts the stories into sketches and songs which are performed for the school, and later for the public.

Smiling kids in the audience at Celebration of Authors

3 The kids become stars, and the world is saved. The End.

That’s Weird, Grandma: It Came from the Voting Booth

That’s Weird, Grandma: It Came from the Voting Booth features student stories inspired by politics, the government, and social change. This edition of the show is as weird, as touching, and as hilarious as ever, and features a variety of stories from our young authors on topics surrounding the upcoming election. You will like it!

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Group Sales are a steal of a deal!

Group tickets are available for “That’s Weird, Grandma!” Groups of 10 or more pay just $8 per adult, $6 per child!

For more information about booking a group, call our office at 773-506-7140! Read more about group sales here.

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