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Roger Ainslie, Christina Anthony, Tom Arvetis, Lisa Barker, Mikala Bierma, Liz Cackowski, Nick Caruso, Desiree Castro, Erica Cornstuble, John Dixon, Ithamar Enriquez, Charlie Farrell, Ricardo Gamboa, Sarah Garner, Samantha Gleisten, Beau Johnson, Lauren Ludwig, Jonathan Mastro, Erin Menges, Kate Mulligan, Ned Noyes, Ricardo Perez, Lucas Peterson, Kristala Pouncy, Mike Przygoda, Tracy Repep, Heidi Thompson Saunders, Lauren Sharpe, Eric Silverberg, Collin Souter, Michael Spatafora, Cesar Torres, Kristie Koehler Vuocolo, Ryan Walters

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Posted by Joe on September 11

THAT’S WEIRD, GRANDMA IS TAKING A THREE WEEK BREAK! Figure 1. TWG IS A CATERPILLAR CLIMBING INTO A THREE-WEEK COCOON TRANSFORMING INTO A BRAND NEW SHOW. Barrel of Monkeys (BOM) kicks off its 15th season with an all new, cross-disciplinary… more »

Abuelita is rocking but ...

Posted by Joe on August 08

That’s Weird, Abuelita is just plain incredible.  I saw it last week.  It is pure magic.  I laughed, I cried, and cheered. BUT it’s only with us for two more weeks! (that’s 6 performances) Y’all, don’t miss this show. This… more »

Oh, What A Night

Posted by Joe on July 16

You: I love That’s, Weird Grandma Joe: I am so glad, so do we You: I was thinking about coming to the show tonight, but I am not sure Joe: You should! It’s going to be a fun one! You:… more »

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