Halloween in January

Posted by Kassi on January 20, 2015

School Shows

The Super 7 Girls of Willa Cather Elementary love scary stories. And we are having a great time adapting those spooky tales into thrilling plays.
In “The Day it was Halloween” by Nakiya B., the tension build will have you shaking in your boots.

“One Spooky Trick or Treating” by Lanesha R., includes a cast of some classic spook-sters, guaranteed to make you run and hide.

And finally… “The Clown” by Diamond R., tells the all-too-common true story of when a clown is pretending to be your dad.

The End…or is it? Mwahahahahaha…...ahhhhhahahahahahaha!

Columbia Explorers Show (2015)

Posted by Bradford on January 12, 2015

School Shows

In case you’re wondering, (and I know you are); what a typical Barrel of Monkeys school show is like….Well, it goes a little something like this…

Wake up in the wee hours of the morning and kick it down to the breakfast spot for some pre-show bonding. That’s right friends, nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and a giant donut to kick off the day!

Head over to the school. Set up our trusty curtains and key board. Check sound levels, rehearse the show, say hello to the kiddos as they walk into the gym; and before you know it… It’s Show Time Yall!!!

And after 6 days of rehearsal, 18 hours of hard work, the show is over in the blink of an eye. And it never gets old. Seeing the kiddos laughing, applauding and celebrating their stories is always a blast. Well done Columbia Explorers fourth graders. Keep putting the pen to pad and always remember….Every idea is a good idea! Yeah!!!

That’s Weird, Grandma is back and better than ever!

Posted by Joe on January 10, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

A whole new crew is spending the weekend learning a new runlist and the show is going to knock your socks off!


Check out all the stories that are going into That’s Weird, Grandma for the first time!

BRING RITA BACK TO EARTH by Priscilla M., Avondale-Logandale School

Characters: Tom and Mariah and Rite Setting:  Mexico
Tom: Abracadabra (make Rite disappear.)
Mariah: Can you do it again to me?
Rite: I like it here in space.
Tom: I love magic and I have trouble to make Rite back.
Mariah: Oh no! You put my friend in space.
Rite: Now I want to go home. Help me!
Tom: I don’t know [how] to bring Rite back to earth.
Mariah: I miss my friend so much.
Rite: I am home.  I am happy.

TURTLES by Luiza, Seamus, Damascus, Sofia, Matthew, Lincolnwood School

I am a turtle, and i believe people should not hurt or hunt me. I think people should instead kiss me. This way there are more turtle lovers in the world. My second reason is that turtles are cool. The reason they are cool, is they poop out babies. This way there are more turtles in the world. In conclusion, if you don’t stop hunting or hurting turtles, we will find a solution ourselves. THE END.

A Time I Got Staples by Damajae M., Avondale-Logandale School

One day I was sleeping over at my uncle’s house and I was sleeping on an air bed and I was laying on the edge of the air bed and my older brother and little sister was playing on the airbed and I fell and hit my head on a heater and I was still asleep and when I woke up it was bloody all over the floor so I went to the hospital and i got staples. THE END

THE DARKNESS by Taniya J., Willa Cather Elementary School

Once upon a time there was a lady who was by herself and she was just looking around and she was on the bridge. She wanted to swim home in the water but she had on her work clothes so she couldn’t because she had to go to work in the morning and the whole family was going out and there was nobody to watch her kids so her kids were about to go with their dad but he had work in the morning too and then her kids start crying so then she said to herself I need to swim home but I got on my work clothes and I got work in the morning and the clouds were dark and scary and she saw a scary mountains then she saw her husband and her kids and then her whole family came and saved her and she hopped in the car and went home. THE END.

THE TASTY END OF SHIRLEY “THE DIVA” BOBALINA by Jake D., Jayla H., Myann W., Kayla L., Nick A., Cameron P., Lincolnwood School

Setting: Train
Character: Shirley Bobalina
One day, Shirley Bobalina, a “Fancy Diva Pig” was on her way to a wedding and stepped in a mud puddle.  Her dress got dirty and she went bananas.  She went on the train to go to Lincolnwood Mall and get a new dress.  The shopkeeper turned her away and said “No pork products allowed….unless dead for my lunch.”  She felt devastated and started crying and had a temper tantrum.  She went to the garbage to pick herself up.  She put on mud for makeup, and the tears running down her snout made her look goth.  She put on a garbage bag for a dress.  She felt confident and gothy and got on the train to the wedding.  She arrived and the guests said she had to be the chef because the chef didn’t show. The bride and groom pushed Shirley into the oven, put an apple in her mouth and made the delicious wedding. And they all lived happily ever after…except Shirley. THE END.

Say “poop out babies” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!

See you at the show!

Columbia Explorers 2015

Posted by Bradford on January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

I hope one and all had an amazing holiday season. It’s 2015, and time for the first school show of the New Year. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at Columbia Explorers on five occasions, and always love meeting new students, while bumping into old ones up and down the halls. With four amazing fourth grade classes, it’s always challenging when it comes to selecting stories. Never the less we kicked off the process today, and I have to say: WE HAVE A GREAT SHOW ON OUR HANDS PEOPLE!

A bee and popsicle who are absolutely fed up with human beings; two down and out guys who marry two beautiful princesses, and a family of bears that just can’t seem to get along….sounds to good to be true you say, oh no my friends, it’s just another day in the life in Barrel of Monkeys.

There are still songs to learn, and stories to adapt; but I’m really looking forward to the big show. Can’t wait to see the kiddos again, can’t wait to have blast telling their stories. YES!!!