Over the river and through the woods

Posted by Bryan on January 15, 2016

School Shows

As BOM teachers, we are often taken on spectacular journeys to faraway fantasy lands through the stories that our students write. This past fall, however, we were taken on a literal journey outside our typical stomping grounds of our beloved CPS school districts.
Minecraft interstate road travel
The road was a figurative minecraft—er, um, minefield of literal snow drifts, for November snowfall had collected from the previous days. Well, to say it was a minefield might be stretching the truth… In actuality, our teams of Monkeys traveled with no trouble and arrived safely and warmly at the wonderful Hough Street Elementary School, in the beautiful, historic Village of Barrington! The Barrel of Monkeys were guests in ten classrooms that day, and in each of them, we were completely floored by the amount of enthusiasm and imagination among the students!
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of going on this journey into the Hough classrooms and all the way back to BOM headquarters, the new stories, like precious gems, safely in hand—some of them…

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The Holiday Round Must Close Tonight!

Posted by Joe on December 28, 2015

The Holidays are over! Now we have to wait almost a whole year for another Barrel of Monkeys Holiday round :( :( :(

But you have one more chance to get your fill of elves, Santas, snowballs, reindeer, regular deer, and Marshmallow Drama!

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Candy Canes

Will You Marry Me?

Posted by Joe on December 19, 2015

Hi. I see you noticing all these lit candles and rose petals. Well, Audience Member, there’s something we want to ask you…. You- you’ve been our best friend for years. Every Monday night you come through those doors with a smile on your face and you light up the room. We want to be with you for the rest of our lives. Will you marry us?....... Wait, why aren’t you answering? Is this too much too soon? Is this proposal too simple? Did you want something bigger, more extravagant? Well, just wait, pretend we never said anything, and come see an incredible story we put in the show JUST FOR YOU. “The Marriage Proposal” by Ly’mya G. from Chalmers School of Excellence might just be the perfect moment for you to say YES to…..

One day a woman named Kim was going to her friends’ house, Keke and KC.  But when she

was about to leave she was stopped by her boyfriend. They have been together for 25 years.

When Jack stopped Kim he wanted to ask her something. It was going to be the Marriage

Proposal of the year. Jack told his friend about Joey. Then Jack got down on one knew and said

will you marry me. Then Kim said yes. They got marries. The man said you may kiss the bride.

Then they kissed and lived happy ever after. The End.

Don’t say anything! Just come to the show on Monday and THEN we’ll talk. Say “GIRLS NIGHT” to Ambar at the box office for $10 tickets!

Engagement Ring

Santa’s Mean Day

Posted by Joe on December 12, 2015

Santa is a busy man, especially this time of year. Sometimes being too busy can make you get a little cranky. This week “That’s Weird, Grandma!” is bringing back another Barrel of Monkeys Holiday Classic “Santa’s Mean Day”.

Santa’s Mean Day by Devonte V. from Reavis Elementary

When Santa woke up, he was shocked to see four other people dressed just like him. He was so mad that he had to put his name on the bad list. The elf was shocked

at him, that he put his name on the bad list. The elfs ask Santa, why is you so mean today? He said The elfs left so fast

smoke came behind them. They said I wish Santa was not mean today. Then of on the elfs said I got it. We can throw a

not mean party. Everybody can come and tell Santa do not be mean. We can have milk and cookies for snacks because

Santa loves milk and cookies. then we can get the things to put up. Then we can put up Santa’s favorite game. And then

Santa came down stairs. Then everybody said Surprise and I love you. THE END.



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