Sorpresa! Planet Dartruda!

Posted by Molly on July 27, 2014 at 11:36 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

This week’s “That’s Weird, Grandma” offers a moving movement adaptation of “Planet Dartruda”, and a surprising surprise in “La Sorpresa”.

At the Willa Cather Academy’s Super Seven Girls program, Jacari, Taniya and Nakiya were asked to share their ideas about a mysterious, far away planet.  The resulting story moved Company Members Joe and Gwen to make a movement adaptation that was performed first at Willa Cather, then at Celebration of Authors, and now at “That’s Weird, Grandma”!

PLANET DARTRUDA by Jacari R, Taniya J, Nakiya B, Willa Cather Academy
We see toilet paper like a teddy bear. And we see little people bothering a chicken egg. We see little bumble bees stinging people. It is hot like the desert and sometimes cold- freezing and so hot at the same time. It changes quickly like our world when it used to be sunny. The sun on this planet is polka dot and orange. The chicken egg is cracking and the chicken inside might die unless a bee stings the little people.  The End.

Many of the students at Columbia Explorer’s Academy speak and write in Spanish and English.  Alejandra shared this true birthday party story in Spanish, which Company Member David adapted into a song, and will join the ranks of “Great Grandma Guitar Songs”:

LA SORPRESA by Alejandra F, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
Un dia, yo estaba en mi casa sentada asiendo mi tarea de la escuela. I ya mero era mi cumpleaños! Asi que le pregunte a mi mama que si me iva a dar una fiesta de cumpleaños. Y ella se puso seria y no me dijo nada. Mas al rato le pregunte a mi papa si me iva a dar un a fiesta y tampoco me respondio. Y por ulitmo le pregunte a mi hermana meno y me dijo que no podía decir nada porque mi papa y mi mama la ivan a reganar. Estonces me que de con la boca abierta. Luego era tiempo de ir a la escuela, y luego cuando regrese, me dijeron…¡Sorpresa!, y yo me emocione mucho y mis papas me dieron un abrazo. Fin.

For discounted tickets, say “Cold freezing and so hot at the same time” at the box office.


Zombies in Fire Cars and Party Monkeys

Posted by Molly on July 21, 2014 at 11:14 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update


Come on out to “That’s Weird, Grandma” for more fun than you can handle!

ZOMBIES IN FIRE CARS by Angelo E, Loyola Park After School Program
There were cars with zombies in them. But they weren’t just any car. They were on fire. They rampaged the city. Their cars have a lot of fire power on them. They have killed over 100 people already! They can’t be stopped. They’re after me. NO!  The End


THE PARTY MONKEYS , By: Jairo M and Christopher S, LORCA ACADEMY
Characters: Monkey 1, Monkey 2
Setting: City, abandon hotel
M1: Let’s throw a party
M2: Okay but first I need to buy some stuff.
M1: How much do you need
M2: I need $400
M1: That’s more than I get in my job in a week.
M2: Lets both go to work.
The next day…
M1: I hate going to work because its so hard!!!!
M2: Me too because I am tired.
M1: We just need $100 dollars more. I am going to get a banana.
The next day…
M2: We got $400 dollars!!
M1: We can throw our party.
M1/M2: We both cheered and they threw the party but only one monkey came we just wasted that for nothing. 
M1: We forgot to mail the invitation
M2: ow Bananas.
M1: Speaking of bananas I am hungry.
M2: what what what what we’re out of money so we can’t buy bananas
M1: Come on!!
The End?


Say “Ow Bananas” for discounted tickets.

Brand New Cast…Grandma Premieres!

Posted by Molly on July 14, 2014 at 09:23 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Join us tonight for “That’s Weird, Grandma”, featuring two stories new to the Grandma stage:

First, an adaptation of a story written in Spanish from our Columbia Explorer’s Academy program that advocates for prioritizing homework:

ES IMPORTANTE TAREA by Emilio A, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
1. Yo creo que la tarea es importante porque tenemos que haler cosas en la casa. 2. Yo creo que la tarea es importante porque asi apendemos en la casa y la escuela. 3. Yo creo que la tarea es importante porque no has que damos todo el dia jugando sin hacer nada o perdiento el tiempo.
En conclusión el mundo reira meiror con seria mejor.

English Translation:
HOMEWORK IS IMPORTANT 1. I think homework is important because her have to do stuff at at home. 2. I think homework is important because by doing it, we learn at home and in school. 3. I think homework is important because you shouldn’t spend all day playing without doing anything or wasting time.
In conclusion, the world would be better.

Secondly, from the new Barrel of Monkeys Level Two Program, an adaptation of a dialogue that is informed by the authors’ character monologues, which reveal a little back story…

GOOD DAY STORY by Malissa C and Diamond R, Willa Cather Academ
Characters: Prince, Princess

PRINCESS: (nervous) I need to pick a dress but don’t know which one to pick.

PRINCE: I will pick for you and we shall be on our way.

PRINCESS: (excited) Oh my God thank you! I was having such a hard time, but I don’t have heels and a crown.

PRINCE: (impatient) We’ll buy a white crown and white heels on our way there. (They get in a black and white limo)

The End.

PRINCESS by Malissa C
I was born in 2005 and I am 22 years old and I was a princess was having a hard time looking a dress then got mad because she couldn’t’ find it but the prince find it for her. They went to New York City and eat at a restaurant. Then the prince take her to find a car so she could go back home and get some sleep. Then her mom wake her up so she can go and eat breakfast and go to work at New York City. The restaurant she went to is Subway and she got on an elevator to take care of her baby sister. The end.

by Diamond R
I was born in July 19 and I am 23 years old. I am afraid of cats because cats have hair over clothes. I tried to wash cats but they scratch me. It hurts! I’ll never buy cats no more because I had to buy so many bandaids to make the scratches stop hurting. I found the princess and we got married and lived in a Royal house in New York. There was only 1 cat that lived with me in one royal room. It was the kitchen. We cook breakfast and have a nice dinner and live happily ever after. Then they had a baby named Zoe. The End

For discounted tickets, say:  “I don’t have heels and a crown!”


Two New TWG Stories:  Surgery! Cooking! Football!

Posted by Molly on July 6, 2014 at 11:50 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Come enjoy American medicine, Football and Cooking in this week’s “That’s Weird, Grandma.”

FOOTBALL CHEFS by: Rogelio T, Lorca Elementary School
Once there was chefs that loved two activities they worked as chefs then something happened they were late for a game they were in a rush they forgot to put there football uniform so the six men just put there helmets and rib protectors. There names were Samuel and Yae and Devin and Jairo they all played with squash and got very messy and there grandma’s said you boy’s have to wash your own clothes because you are very messy bad boys. The End.

DOCTOR STUPID HEAD by Brooke P, Poe Classical School, composed by Nicholas Hart
Once upon a time, there was a doctor named Dr. Stupid-Head.  And Dr. Stupid-Head was checking out a patient.  Her name was Kassi.  Kassi hurt her brain. She says all the wrong answers such as “Hi, my name is Jenny.”  So the surgery began.  So the bread sat on the bread on top of the bread until the head was open.  They took the brain away then he dropped it on the floor.  Then he said:  “Aw I don’t want to touch that.” So he put on his gloves and picked it up and put it on the table then he got the hammer and hit the brain until it is ready.  Then he put it back in.  Kassi was better.  Then she went home.  The End.

Say “Kassi.  My name is Kassi!” for discounted tickets at the box office.


Posted by Molly on June 30, 2014 at 05:04 PM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Two powerhouses join the TWG lineup tonight:  My Name is Jelly and The Mighty Strong Princess.

Chalmers School of Excellence
My name is Jelly. And everybody thinks I’m delicious so they started calling me the Delicious Jelly girl. And I love the color purple because it’s the color of jelly. And I have just one enemy and I can’t stand this person. Can anybody guess who it is.  Anybody. And I have a lot of friends like peanut butter and ketchup, and mustard.  The End

THE MIGHTY STRONG PRINCESS by Breanna H, Chalmers School of Excellence
Once upon a time there was a princess. She loves to pick up thing like weights or automobiles she was buff and she was very strong princess. The whole kingdom was scared of her . She was very sensitive on the inside. So one day her parents said they are sending her way. She started bursting out crying and she started throwing things. And then she stopped and noticed that her parents were gone. They were afraid of her strong body. She felt very bad and began searching for her parents.  Then she searched too far and found an island.  Her parents were there.  She was so happy.  They were so afraid.  Then a man walked up and saw her and said you are so buff I think we can get you to do something..  so he did and she was a lifter upper.  The island was now called the Kingdom.  The princess was so helpful that her parents said no more sending away.  So the princess lived a happy and lifting like.  The End

Say:  “Delicious Jelly Girl” for discounted tickets!

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