Zoe Schwartz joins the cast of That’s Weird, Grandma in addition to a brand new story!

Posted by Joe on July 31, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Welcome Zoe Schwartz to the cast of That’t Weird, Grandma!


We are also adding a brand new story that is new to Grandma!


Here it is!

Life at School by Jessica P., Avondale-Logandale School
Setting: School
Characters: New girl, Popular girl, teacher, popular friend, and new girl’s friend named jade
New g: (come sin) Hello, I’m a new student
Poular g: (Nasty face) soooooo a new student (mean voice)
Teacher: (surprise) oh, class, there’s a new student.
New girl: My name is Josylen.
Popular g: (Starting to kill her) I hat her! (talks to friend)
Popular f: (surprise face) But why are you so mean? She’s new.
Popular g: Well yeah, but she is soooo pretty and nice, duh!
Popular fri: Well tried to be used to her.
Popular gL ok ugh
Teacher: Class please find a empty seat for our new student (nicely) please.
Popular Fri: There’s one between me and my friend Nancy.
Popular G: nit it’s saved!
Teacher: No one sits there.
New Girl: That’s ok, I’ll sit somewhere else.
New Girl Fri: Hey sit here Joslyn. (happyness)
New Girl: Ok (nicely)
Teacher: Finally you found a seat.  Thanks Jade.
New girl f: no problem teacher.
Teacher: Class it’s time for lunch (nicely)
Teacher: (hears bell) Class you may dismiss for lunch.
New girl: ok teacher (same time)
New girls fri: ok teacher (same time)
Popular girl: (pushes new girl)
New girl: Ouch! (sadness)
New girl f: (felt upset for friend) Are you ok?
New girl: No (cries)
New girl f: Ok I’ll tell someone for help.
Popular girl: no your not! (pushes)
New girl f: (fells) ouch, well it won’t help (laughs) ha ha ha
Popular g: What.
New girl f: Your friend Holly told the teacher.
Popular g: What, why pal?
Popular girl friend: Sorry, but I know your plan at lunch.
New girl: (sniff)
New girl f: Ok Let’s go to class with Holly (goes to the classroom)

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That’s Weird, Grandma is an incredible journey this week

Posted by Joe on July 24, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

This week’s That’s Weird, Grandma is a incredible journey into the minds of young people!

This week also includes the dark and troubling story KFP (Kentucky Fried People).


KFP by Jacob R., Almani C., Kemani B., Gabrielle S., Monica J., Jala B., Lashay E., Dixon Elementary School
It was a sunny day in Hawaii. Fred, the chicken sadnwich, was opening up KFP (Kentucky Fried People). On the roof was a blow-up chicken that was orange and holding a human heart. Shrimp, the dancing cucumber, went into the kitchen and saw Fred cutting up the food. But the food wasn’t chicken, it was people. She called the police (Devie & Stewie, who weren;t very smart) and when they came, Shrimp starting singing the KFP song. KENTUCKY FRIED PEOPLE, IS PEOPLE NOT CHICKEN *COME ON* The police started dancing. So they didn’t arrest Fred (Who just made his hit single that made $1000, and the album cover had a chicken sandwich with a human in his hand) Instead, Shrimp solved it by eating Fred. Shrimp says, “Sandwish. sw. sw.” THE END.

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That’s Weird, Grandma continues its summer run with a brand new cast!

Posted by Joe on July 16, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Company Members

I am so excited to share with you the incredible cast that is coming together for this next batch of Monday night shows!

twg summer

The cast will include: Michelle Alba, Nick Hart, Shá Norman, Zoe Schwartz, Tim Soszko, Brad Stevens, and Gwen Tulin!

This crew of all-star monkey performers will bring you the following sketches and songs:

A MOST BORING BUS THAT IS FILLED WITH SNAKES by Maximo R., Loyola Park After-School Program
CRAZY LADY by Eukyirah W., Morton School of Excellence
DRAGON CITY by Lunaire F., Poe Classical School
UNTITLED (UNICORN LETTERS) by Daisy J., Columbia Explorers Academy
THE AMAZING ZURINE by Bella D., Loyola Park After School Program
UNTITLED (VOLCANO HOUSE) By John M., Loyola Park After School Program
SUPER SINGER By Jamesha H., Chalmers School of Excellence
CRAZY TOPIC by Leandro Z., Loyola Park After-School Program
THE LONG DAY by Darryl M., Dewey School of Excellence
UNTITLED (NIKI MINAJ SHOW) by Kinnaria D., Super 7 Program at Cather Elementary School
THE CRAZY WAFFLE by Trenyce G., Dixon School
THE SAD PIZZA by Matthew G., Poe Classical School
UNTITLED (HORSEWOLF) by Tamarra M., Dewey School of Excellence
OG GRANNY MAD by Rayana E., Morton School of Excellence.
PLANET DARTRUDA by PLANET DARTRUDA by Jacari R., Taniya J., Nakiya B., Super 7 Program at Cather Elementary School
THE SCARY MYSTERY by Tanaia L., Lorca Elementary School

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See you at the show!

Join us in saying “so long” (for now) to Donnell Williams!

Posted by Joe on July 12, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Company Members

This Monday: join us in saying so long (for now) to Donnell Williams!

Our beloved Donny is moving to the west coast!  Join us on Monday night at That’s Weird, Grandma to celebrate, laugh, and cry!

There are special Donny stories being added to the runlist and maybe even some special guests!

Say “Beyonce, we are leaving” at the box office to receive discounted tickets!

See you at the show (with a teardrop in my eye)

Monkey Minute: From Page to Stage in 18 Hours or Less

Posted by Joe on July 6, 2015

The Monkey Minute School Shows Company Members

Here is another Monkey Minute from super director Meredith!


A Day in the Life: From Page to Stage in 18 Hours or Less
Meredith Milliron

As we arrive at Loyola Park for the first rehearsal, excitement is in the air.  Monkey after monkey arrives in the space as well as a director, we set up the keyboard and, wham!, it’s time to get started. 

We sit in a circle and introduce ourselves to everyone. Then we hear from the teachers. They tell us a little bit about the students and the school. 

Then we dig into the journals.  Each monkey takes a turn reading a story or two from each child.  We then warm up by stretching and playing theater games.  Once we are warm, we divide into groups and grab whatever story inspired someone. Maybe it was a setting, a character, a mood, or they wanted to turn it into a rap…  we listen to their idea and then we discuss and improvise our way through the story.  We run it a couple of times to get down our lines and actions, and then we present it to the director and the larger group.  They help us to solidify our ideas and make it look good on the stage.  We then talk to the manager about what props we need to make, buy or borrow.  Perhaps we need a shark hat or a giant whale?  We might have one in storage or we might have an awesome person in the cast who wants to make it for the show.

We do this again and again until we have 20 stories for the show!

Songs take a longer time to work through, so we normally give that an entire three hour rehearsal.  Normally we have two big songs per show and the closing number which is written by a monkey and performed at each show all year.  The person who wrote the song normally plays it for the group, then we learn it, record it, and put it up on stage.  Sometimes we have a choreographer that teaches us some awesome moves, and sometimes we work as a group to come up with them. We listen to the recording for the rest of the week to memorize it before our performance.

The dress rehearsal is the last night before the show.  We make sure we have all the costumes and props we need for each story.  We run through each song and dance and complicated story before the run, and then we do the entire show for a small audience of other monkeys and friends.  The director takes notes, and we listen to them before we head home that night.

We pack up everything after the dress rehearsal.  Then we meet for breakfast before the show.  We like to meet in the neighborhood of the school.  It’s a good time to go over lines with other monkeys, review our run list and ask any questions and get a good breakfast!

Then we get to the school, set up the stage, run a top and bottoms (which means we start and end each sketch really fast).  We normally run the songs, so we can set the sound levels in the space and practice any dancing.  Then the children arrive and we start the show!

From Page to Stage in 18 hours! 

The End