This week we add a director, a musician, and two “Grandma” premieres!

Posted by Joe on August 31, 2014 at 03:07 PM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Come one, come all to “That’s Weird, Grandma” this monday and you will see great sights!

Welcome guest director Geoff Rice and guest musician/performer Gwen Tulin!



Also! Welcome two “Grandma” premieres: “THE DAY JULIAN KISS A CROCODILE” and “THE MONSTEROUS”!

Here are the incredible stories:


by Daisy R, Angel G, Itzel O, Abram L, Jonathan T, Yanelly S, Aaron A, Lorca Elementary School

Once upon a time there was a spider woman who lived on the beach. She wanted to kidnap the turtles in the underwater sea. So she ate a big breakfast. She had bananas, coffee, and lip gloss. She felt happy. She has special turtle food in her bag to catch the turtles. So the turtles came out to get the food and spider Lady caught them in her net. She ate the turtles with fish and collected the shells. THE END.


THE DAY JULIAN KISS A CROCODILE by Josiah T , Dewey School of Excellence

One day me and my half brother Julian was on our way to school we meet a crocodile and I said: Julian I bet you 5 dollars that you wouldn’t kiss that crocodile so he did and the crocodile had bad breath everyone said:  Julian you have bad breath. THE END.

Say “She ate the turtles with fish” at the box office for discounted tickets at the show!

See you Monday at 8pm!


A Scary Mystery and a Bad Cat

Posted by Molly on August 17, 2014 at 06:18 PM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Please join us for this week’s celebrity-studded “That’s Weird, Grandma”.  In this week’s new stories, Michael Jackson and a Bad Cat learn a lessons messing with something they shouldn’t. 

THE BAD CAT by Victoria K, Poe Classical School
There once was a cat.  The cat was a very bad cat.  The cat would knock lamps over and rip the curtains.  One day her owner caught her and put her out in the -5 degree weather.  The cat came back stiffer than a popsicle.  Her owner asked her if she had learned her lessson.  The cat’s lips were frozen shut so she coudn’t meow.  Once the cat was thawed out she meowed.  The owner gave her her favorite blanket and a hug.  She never did anything bad and became the world’s greatest cat and got everything she wanted.  Her owner said:  “Good behavior deserves a good treat.”  THE END.


THE SCARY MYSTERY by Tanaia L, Lorca Elementary
SETTING: Circus, Park, House
Characters:  Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Michale Jackson, Janitor, Clown, Bloody Mary
Justin Beiber:  (taking a picture of a clown) Oh look at that funny clown! (He takes the clown to the boys bathroom then they move to the girls bathroom)
Miley Cyrus:  (walking in bathroom) Oh my god.  You are boys not girls.  (Calls the janitor)
Janitor (Hits them with mop, kicks them out)
Michael Jackson:  (Mad):  Oh I thought this was teh girls bathroom.  That girl tricked me! (Walks to boy’s room)
Michael:  (looks in mirror, turns off lights) BLOODY MARY! BLOODY MARY! BLOODY MARY! (Bloody Mary comes out of mirror)
Bloody Mary:  I"m gonna get you! (scratches off Michael’s face)
(MJ comes out bathroom)
Janitor, Clown, Miley, Beiber:  What happened to you?!?
MJ:  Well, I’m going to make a short story into a long story.  (Scared) It feel 100% scary.  Well went in the boys bathroom, turned off all the lights, cause I had my flashlight I turned it on.  But I didn’t have it.  It thought it would be fun to say Bloody Mary 23 times.  So I said Bloody Mary three times and I started to hear creepy noises so I kept turning around the lights kept goin on and off and I kept seeing these people every time I turned around then Bloody Mary came out and said I"m going to get you! But then Bloody Marygot me and that was my story!
All:  Wow! I always wanted to try it but I don’t want to now what happened to you? No!
The end

Say “Good behavior deserves a good treat” for discounted tickets at the box office.

Brand New Cast! Come enjoy Summer Grandma!

Posted by Molly on August 11, 2014 at 09:43 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Tonights lineup includes these great Monkeys:  Nicholas Hart, Brad Stevens, Nancy Casas, Linsey Falls, Katie Suib and Eunice Woods!

Here are the stories…

10,000 POUNDS by Brooke B, Poe Classical School
One day a girl was training for the Olympics with her coach.  She was his best student.  She could do mostly everything.  But one day when her coach told her she had to lift 10, 000 pounds to continue her training she tried and tried buy she could not lift the 10,000 pounds.  She knew she’d never continue to the next step in her training if she did not do it.  Next she did a training montage dun dun dun.  Then she went back to training and lifted it. She celebrated by getting lazy and eating and getting fat.  The End.

Taco vs Squash by Jose P, Jared N, Jeremiah P, Matthew H, and Kymira S, Marquette
We believe that tacos are better than squash. Our first reason is that tacos have more delicious meaty flavor than squash. Our second reason is that tacos are crunchier than squash and eating crunchy things makes us feel good. Our third reason is that you can customize them, you can add vegetables, meat, whatever you want. Also, we think tacos would definitely beat squash in a fight or boxing match-the tacos are faster at punching. In conclusion, we believe that tacos are better than squash.

Football Chefs by:  Rogelio T, Lorca Elementary School
Once there was chefs that loved two activities they worked as chefs then something happened they were late for a game they were in a rush they forgot to put there football uniform so the six men just put their helmets and rib protectors. Their names were Samuel and Yae and Devin and Jairo they all played with squash and got very messy and there grandma’s said you boy’s have to wash your own close because you are very messy bad boys. The End.

MY FAMILY by Rolexsea C, New Sullivan Elementary

Characters: baby sister, Jasmine
Brother, Maman
Setting: in my house
J: Hi Big Boy
M: Hi Jasmine
J: Hi Little Boy
M: Hi Little Girl
J: Hi Little Good Boy
M: Hi Little Bad Girl
J: Hi Little Scary Baby
M: Hi Little Fat Baby
J: Hi Little Fat Dog
M: Hi Little Scary Baby Dog
J: Hi Little Fat Hurtful

UNTITLED (Ears Broke) by Thilynne M, Learn Campbell Academy
On my 11th Birthday my Mom woke me and took me to the lady house to get my hair done.  I got me some blue highlighter and purple.  And then I went home and when I came in everybody sad Happy Birthday.  They were so excited that that everybody’s ears broke.  That didn’t feel so good, so they all went to the hospital When we got to they gave us ice cream and cake.  The End.

STRONG RHINO by Denzel, Anton, Amarcion, Learn Campbell Academy
We believe everyone in the Windy City should have a pet rhinoceros named Pam. One reason is because they would keep us safe from robbers, snakes, and wrestling people, and stray dogs. Another reason is they are quiet and keep the peace and watch over us. Also you could ride your rhino and it could jump over traffic if you are stuck in traffic, and it could take you to school and it doesn’t need gas! Also our rhino is strong and could do heavy lifting and pushing heavy stuff and hard work. And our rhinos could be our friends and be real nice. That is why we believe everyone should have a pet rhino.

THE EVIL HOT DOG By: Israel P., Columbia Explorer’s Academy
In the beginning Jack goes to his store and starts to make hotdogs. Then he went out to get fresh air. In the middle someone else was inside the building he poisens a hot dog. When Jack comes back inside jack gets hungry so he got a hotdog the one that the other persen poisoned. Then he became an evil zombie. At the end he found a note on a hotdog it said “Ha ha! I bet you changed into a zombie already. You will be a zombie forever because you ate that hotdog. Ha! Ha! From: Unkown
Then Jack goes intot he sewer because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he hasn’t been heard of again. Nobody ever even found the persen who poisoned jack. The end

RTA by Ricardo B, Dewey School of Excellence, Composed by Curtis Williams
I still deserts,  donuts, cookies and sardines hair styles and oysters.  I like to steal deserts.  I don’t like it when people eat sweet foods.  It doesn’t deserve to be chewed that way.  OK when someone keeps your game and tells you to destroy his friends and you will get them back.  I live in a sewer filled with sweetness and a monkey as my butler.  I don’t have a job I’m poor and broke. 
DON’T EVER WALK BY A HOUSE THAT LOOKS LIKE A FACE by Hailey P, Morton School of Excellence
Once upon a time me and my mom walked house to house.  (Boom boom boom knock knock knock)  I had a lot of candy then I went to this one particular house and it looked like a face.  I was so scared because it said (ooooooooooooooohhhhhh) My mom said that’s just sound effects.  She took me to it.  We knock the hosue opened its eyes and swallowed us whole it burped like a hog.  The end.

UNTITLED ARGUMENT (Summer better than Winter) by Jlyn (pronounced Jay-lin) T., Learn Campbell Academy (argument)
I believe summer is better than winter
My 1st reason is that in the summer time your car won’t freeze.
My 2nd reason is in the summer time you won’t get snow in your shoes.
My 3rd reason is in the summer time you won’t freeze.
My 4th reason is in the winter time if your family promises you something but it is too cold in winter.
My 5th reason is in the winter time you can look up when it’s snowing and you can get snow in your eyes.
In conclusion, I think summer is better than Winter
The End

ZOMBIES IN FIRE CARS by Angelo E, Loyola Park After School Program
There were cars with zombies in them. But they weren’t just any car. They were on fire. They rampaged the city. Their cars have a lot of fire power on them. They have killed over 100 people already! They can’t be stopped. They’re after me. NO!  The End

PLANET DARTRUDA by Jacari R, Taniya J, Nakiya B., Willa Cather Academy
We see toilet paper like a teddy bear. And we see little people bothering a chicken egg. We see little bumble bees stinging people. It is hot like the desert and sometimes cold- freezing and so hot at the same time. It changes quickly like our world when it used to be sunny. The sun on this planet is polka dot and orange. The chicken egg is cracking and the chicken inside might die unless a bee stings the little people.  The End.

THE GIRLWHO HAD A MONKEY Parianna B, New Sullivan
It was a woman named Sady that she love her monkey. She feed it bananas. She take the monkey everywhere she go she take it to work. She take it to the movies and give it popcorn. And she would let anyone touch it and did not like they say she is mean. She had long hair and she have lip gloss. And her monkey is black and white. It is a boy or girl and she was married and very pretty and I like her. I think she is so nice. And she live by herself with her monkey and she have a wife. I think her boyfriend named 50 Cent.

MY NAME IS JELLY   by Dashae E., Chalmers School of Excellence
My name is Jelly. And everybody thinks I’m delicious so they started calling me the Delicious Jelly girl. And I love the color purple because it’s the color of jelly. And I have just one enemy and I can’t stand this person. Can anybody guess who it is.  Anybody. And I have a lot of friends like peanut butter and ketchup, and mustard. The End.

Say:  “The Rhino Pam” for discounted tickets!


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