A Singing Chicken! A Property Dispute! Little Fat Hurtful!

Posted by Molly on April 14, 2014 at 10:44 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Join us tonight for these and more stories


My Family by Rolexsea C,  New Sullivan Elementary
Characters: baby sister, Jasmine
Brother, Maman
Setting: in my house
J: Hi Big Boy
M: Hi Jasmine
J: Hi Little Boy
M: Hi Little Girl
J: Hi Little Good Boy
M: Hi Little Bad Girl
J: Hi Little Cary Baby
M: Hi Little Fat Baby
J: Hi Little Fat Dog
M: Hi Little Cary Baby Dog
J: Hi Little Fat Hurtful

PRINCESS VS BERRIES AND NACHOS by Mya S, Ny’tevia H, Nya B, Alisha H, Kendra B, Jamie H, Tyrese H, Tyler B., Chalmers Elementary
Once Victoria the princess was wearing a pink dress. She is nice but when you mess with her she can be your worst nightmare! She was going to a castle to get berries for a pie. Her father the king sent her a basket to get the berries. But the berries were near the Nacho Monster’s Forest. While she was collecting berries the Nacho Monster saw her through his peep hole. He jumped out and scared her. She tried to run but unfortunately he stepped on her hair and she fell. She had really long hair because she loved Rupunzel and was trying to be like her. The Nacho monster was mad and sad because Victoria took his friend’s berries. Nacho Monster dragged Victoria by her hair to the Berry Monster’s door. The Berry Monster said “Who goes there?” “Its me Nacho.” The Berry Monster was mad and screamed “Why’d you take my berries there are plenty of cherries in the Fairy Tree.” Victoria said ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to take your berries. I was going to make berry pie for the ball, but we can share.” They decided to share and became friends. But a knight came to rescue her and the Berry and Nacho Monsters boiled him and chopped him up with pork chops. They ate him for dinner and the princess did too! The End

THE SINGING CHICKEN by Rodrigo, Little Village Academy  
Once upon a time there was a concert about a chicken who could sing. This little girl named Suzie she saw the commercial about the singing chicken.  She got so hyper that she started running around the house.  She wanted to go see the singing chicken sing.  So she started jumping on the bed until she could touch the ceiling. So then she went to find her mom painting the walls.  She told her mom if they could go there.  And her mom said yes.  The next day they went to see the chicken sing at the beginning the chicken sand the pledge and then started to sing whatever song. Suzie and her mom started to laugh so hard, their lungs died out.  The show took two hours.  And when Suzie and her mom came out they were so surprised.

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Haines Elementary School Show

Posted by Dan R on April 10, 2014 at 10:03 AM
School Shows

With all the firsts (and a few seconds) in this show, it’s time to get excited.

It’s the first school show for BOM Teacher, Ashley Bland. She’s been teaching with us for a while now, but this is her first time on stage with us and she’s doing an incredible job! Here she is with fellow Monkey (and BOM teacher at Haines Elementary), David Pintor:


It’s also the first school show that I have done this school year. It’s exciting to be back in the rehearsal room, reading our students’ stories and working with my fellow Monkeys to adapt those stories for the stage. Being away from the process for a while, it’s easy to forget the scope of kids’ imaginations. In this show, alone, we have international villains, clowns, zombies, scary rabbits, aliens, flower-eating monsters to name, but a few. Sharing a room with performers dedicated to bringing students’ stories is a really exciting process. In the space of 6 hours together, we were able to adapt 18 stories; add to those, a handful of songs and we have our show.

This is the second show that company member Jeff Trainor has directed. He’s doing an incredible job and has joined a growing corps of company members who are taking on directing responsibilities for school shows. It’s a tough job. You have 18 hours to convert a stack of stories to an hour long show. When you consider that most pre-written plays take weeks of rehearsals, you can imagine the amount of focus and hard work needed, as a director, to make sure we’re stage ready, come Friday. He’s ably assisted by a committed and energetic cast.

This is company member Lindsey Dorcus rehearsing one of the stories.


This is also the second year that we’ve been at Haines. It’s always great to come back to a school for another year and we’re excited to be returning there, this Friday, to perform the show.

And that brings me to one more first: Friday will be the first time, ever, that this show has been performed. Now that’s something to get excited about.

New Cast! New Stories! “GET OFF THE COUCH” AND JOIN US!

Posted by Molly on April 7, 2014 at 01:28 PM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

TONIGHT! Join us on the “That’s Weird, Grandma” adventure!

Brand new cast:  David Pintor, Rachel Wilson, Nicholas Hart, Michelle Alba, Brandon Cloyd, Rawson Vint, Lindsey Dorcus, Eric Phillips!

Here are the stories!


Untitled (the Goat That Eat Everything) By Darrin J, Chalmers Elementary
Once upon a time there was a goat that eat everything. I twas one thing he can’t eat. It was a metal pole. So he did but he choke. He spit it out and that is the end.

When I Went to Church With Grandma By Joshua F., Brenneman School
One day I went to church. My grandma took some tuna.
She ate it in the cab. I said it doesn’t smell so
good. My grandma said your very funny. I said no I’m
not. I said you is very old and you smell so good.
She said you doesn’t smell good. I said you is very
very nice. I said I have to throw up. She said stop
playing so much. I said whatever. BE HAPPY!! THE END

Me and My Cat at Six Flags By Michael W., Dewey Academy
My mom had a cat he was a Boy he had a wonderful time at six flags.
The end

The Fight Between Franklin and the Mouse By Mae O, Kai C, Ben W, Molly Jo K, Rashele O, Linda L, Jahnese A, 3rd Grade, Lincolnwood Elementary
There was once a fat eagle named Franklin. Franklin was running away from a giant mouse who was trying to eat him. They were in a junkyard filled with gold. One of the eagles from Franklin’s group gets lost in the mouse’s mouth. Fortunately, the mouse burped, and the eagle flew out. Franklin goes back to save his friend while the rest of the group flies away. Franklin distracts the mouse by dancing the Irish jig, so his friend can get away. The mouse does the jig too! But then they start fighting again about who dances the best. The smallest eagle says “You’re both great dancers! Now let’s get out of here!” But he secretly tells Franklin that he is really the best. Finally, a giant spaceship falls on the mouse. The eagles get into the spaceship and go to Mars.

The Shopping Habit By Kayla R., 3rd Grade, Trumbull
Once there were two girls who loved to go shopping on the weekend and after school. They also loved to go and get their hair did and by diamonds. Every time they saw a new phone commercial they’ll go by it. If they were going to her grand mother’s house they’d leave there fancy clothing at home and come on over get a book and hop on the couch and read. Then one day they’d tell their grandmother we both have shopping problem. Their grandmother say it’s ok you don’t have to hide yourself. O right I have almost the same thing that’s why I have book to keep me from the store to shop for clothing. They both said I love you grandma. By there grandmother to them.  The End

My first reason is that we need to stop eating sugar
Another reason is we need to get active
Another reason is we need to get away from technology
Also we could eat the food pyramid
Finally it helps grow our bodies
In conclusion I believe that we should jump off the couch and eat healthy!!!!!!
How to Go to School in a Fast/Safe Way
By Maggie, Mira, Branden, Sydney, and Javon, Lincolnwood Elementary School
Dear The Bosses,
We believe… work should let parents drive and pick up kids to schools. Rocket cars could make the drop off fasters. It is safer when parents drop kids off. Parents know where to go. Your parents get worried when they aren’t the ones. We need our parents! The End.

ZOMBIES DAY By Kevin R, Avondale-Logandale
A: The Pentagon has been invaded by zombies. OH NO!
G: Let’s get armed for battle.
Z: (Screaming, breaking glass, great action!)
A: We have to the roof. For the helicopter. (Worried)
Z: (dark voice) Fetch me their souls!
Z: (dogs barking)
A: I have killed the dogs and more zombies came too, George.
G: We are surrounded.
To be continued.

Rock By Gabriel J., Loyola Park After-school Program
Hey-Rockhead! I like to do jokes on people. I’ve never even heard of a park. I live on Gabriel’s desk. I like it here. I have space and get to be with my friends like the computer and sticker book and toy drawers. I don’t hate anything. I like to say “Hey Rockhead!”
Rock: Hey! How ya doing!
Gabriell: I’m doing good!
Rock: You have a rockstellation (this is a joke, then he spits and it lands on Gabriel’s forehead) Ha ha ha.
Gabriel: Is this dirt?
Rock: It is dirt, it’s rock ice ha ha.
The End

Space Horses in Space By Ruth B, Teaching Lab Collaborations at the University of Chicago
M: Hi I’m Midnight. (gleefully shyly waves)
N: Hi I’m Navy (cooly waving)
M: Wow your navy coat is really pretty.
N: So is your black one.
M: We should be best friends.
N: (nod)
M: Come to my stable (wave toward stable)
N: OK (walk away with him)
M: Here it is (point to stable)
N: That was a great meal.
M: Oh, thank you, I liked the fried hay too!
N: Well good night!
M: Same to you
M and N: (Stand in a comfy position) zzzzz he haw zzz he haw (float around)
The End

Attitude By Katelyn P, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
Characters: Mom, daughter, big brother Setting: house
D: Mom can I go to my friend’s house (excitedly)
M: no
B: Ha ha ha (on ground)
D: But why I’ll come back. (mad face)
M: Because you didn’t clean your room.
D: But you want me to clean every day. (mean face)
B: I clean my room (evil face)
M: I’m proud of you (happily)
D: Nobody asks you.
M: Watch your attitude
D: But I don’t want to.
B: oh no don’t say that
M: you’re grounded and I was going to let you go but your grounded
D: But Mom
M: no buts
D: please mom
M: NO!!!!!
D: Your so mean (cry face)
M: I feel bad (gilty face)
B: Don’t let her go.
M: Who ask you
B: You sound like my sister gosh
M: Oh yeah I should not said that. I’m sorry.
B: That’s OK
D: Mom I’m sorry
M: It’s OK. Sit lets talk.
D: Okay!
B: Can I stay.
M: Get out
B: Okay geesh!
M: I’m sorry to
D: It’s okay
M: You could go to your friends house.
D: Thank you thank you you’re the best mom ever.
The end

THE CAT AND THE DOLL By Tyrek H, Chalmers Elementary School
Once there was a cat. He did not like to get in the tub. So his owner was mad and sad that the cat would not get in the shower. The cat made a doll. The doll looked just like the cat. Then the owner put the doll in the tub. The cat was happy that he could stay out of the tub. The End

The Girl Who Had a Monkey By Parianna B, New Sullivan School
It was a woman named Sady that she love her monkey. She feed it bananas. She take the monkey everywhere she go she take it to work. She take it to the movies and give it popcorn. And she would let anyone touch it and did not like they say she is mean. She had long hair and she have lip gloss. And her monkey is black and white. It is a boy or girl and she was married and very pretty and I like her. I think she is so nice. And she live by herself with her monkey and she have a wife. I think her boyfriend named 50 Cent.

The Dog Was Dead By Dinelle H., 4th Grade, Dewey School
the dog was dead. He Hit His Head and He come Back to life. He was nice this time to the cat that had hated him the cat was just so mad Because the dog was dead and now he’s alive and the cat touch the dog and the dog said Wolf Wolf Wolf. and the dog said mmmm and it was so sad the dog was back alive. The dog was dead. He Hit His Head? He Came Back to life He Was So Nice.

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YOUR LAST CHANCE:  Behind the Monkey Music/Matinees!

Posted by Molly on March 30, 2014 at 08:04 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update


The past 5 weeks have been all about the music and the matinees. 

You have two more chances, Sunday and Monday, to see and hear this spectacular collaboration of the Barrel of Monkeys team.

Starting next Monday, a new adventure begins.

For discounted tickets to the final week of “Behind the Monkey Music”, Sunday at 2 or Monday at 8, say “promblems” at the Box Office.imageimage

Special Guest Laura McKenzie!!!!

Posted by Molly on March 23, 2014 at 08:01 AM
That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Barrel of Monkeys Company Member Laura McKenzie will be featured in “That’s Weird, Grandma” this week!

She will bring two of the many songs she has written for Barrel of Monkeys:

Story by Rene, Avondale Logandale Elementary School
Once upon a time there was a very sad microwave oven because they did not use it to heat up food. It always cried every night because they did not use it and it wanted to leave from the house and leave to other things and following day they were going to use for the first time but it (the microwave) wasn’t there and they looked for it and called the police and put papers (flyers) saying looking for a microwave oven and at last/finally they found it in a house.

And one based on a series of students’ stories:

By Dejah K., Mister BL One T., Romesha D., Darryl S., Devin G., Capri B., 3rd Grade, Henderson

Dejah K.
I believe that who ever sales guns should not do it
1. Because…they could kill somebody
2. Because…God do not like it
3. Because…You can get killed by killing somebody family

Mister B.L. One T.
I believe that people should stop fighting!
My first reason is because someone could get hurt real bad.
My second reason is because people can be angry and they can die.
My third reason is it would be a gooder place to live.
In conclusion, I believe that people should stop fighting.

Romesha D.
I believe people should stop shooting.
First because people will die.
Second because on Halloween they is going to shoot at the wrong person.
My third reason is they

Darryl S.
I believe I should get to be by myself all the time.
My first reason is so that I won’t get killed or shot at a young age living by myself.

Devin G.
I believe people need to stop fighting.
My first reason is my people get hurt.
And my second reason is people is going to cry.
And my third reason is they is going to they feeling get hurt.
And that is why I believe people need to stop fighting.

Capri B.
I believe that men need to stop shooting at ten year old boys.
First, because they will die and they mom will cry and they dad will cry.
Second, because I like talking to my brother and my cousins who are ten year old boys and I would miss them and I care about them.
Third because people should not shoot anyone because we’re all brothers and sisters and family.
That is why I believe that men need to stop shooting ten year old boys.

For discounted tickets, say “They found it in a house”.

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