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Holidays Mean Visits From Friends…Welcome to Our Special Guest!

Posted by Marika on December 19, 2014

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Here at Barrel of Monkeys, we are a bit of a family.  And, sometimes, family members leave home and strike out on their own and head to New York or L.A. or Montana. 

Welcome Home!

We are so excited to have the one and only Brennan come home this week to present one of his favorite stories, The Tiny Door in the Back of my Closet by Tyler W. from the Cleveland School

I had never noticed the tiny door in the back of my closet before. I opened and saw a friendly monster that was scared of me.
Then in a few more weeks and he knew me well and we started to play in my room. Then my mom came in and the monster had to hide. Then my mom said that I had to clean my room then my mom closed the door. After that the monster came out and help me clean my room and we finished the room quickly then we played some more and then the monster fainted. Then he got up in an hour. Then he died.

And another story about a Holiday visit…Monica’s Special Christmas Eve by Freda H. from South Loop.  Everyone knows the fastest way to get anywhere is a straight line. But, when you are very bad at geography, it might take a bit longer. 

Will Monica Pass the Test?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Monica. Monica was in first grade and was
very bad at geography. One day she received a letter from Santa. It said:

Dear Monica,
You are invited to a party at my workshop. On the night of Christmas Eve, a reindeer will pick you up. But, you have to tell the reindeer where to go.


PS. There is an indoor swimming pool which is pretty warm.

“Wow, I must pack warm clothes and a swimsuit,” Monica said. During the middle of Christmas Eve she heard a bell ringing. “That must be Santa’s reindeer,” Monica said.
Monica dressed up and got onto a sleigh. “Now which way shall we go,” the reindeer asked. “My teacher told us to memorize South is up, East is left, North is down and West is right, so we have to go South which is up.” It took a long time to get to Santa’s workshop because Monica got all mixed up. When they finally arrived the party was
already over. “I missed the party,” Monica sobbed. “I saved some toys and a piece of cake for you.” “Yay,” Monica cheered.

Can’t wait to see you for this Extra Special Holiday Guest Round…Monday at 8pm!

That’s Weird, Grandma: THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL

Posted by Joe on December 5, 2014

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Other Performances

Here comes Granny Claus, Here comes Granny Claus…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the holiday round of That’s Weird, Grandma!

The Holiday Round

Here are the incredible stories that will be featured on Monday!

THE SEVEN PENGUIN’S ADVENTURE by Latyra B, Kenny R, Ladarious H, Howard M, Ieka H, Brandon S, Charlene H, Brittany T, Marlisa B., Henry Suder


LOVE IN HEAVEN by Corodero P., Chalmers School of Excellence

LOVE IS ENOUGH FOR A BEAR by Ameena A., Johnson School of Excellence

THE SHOPPING HABIT by Kayla R., Trumbull Elementary

SNOWFLAKE by Casey R., Dawes Elementary

GROWN UP PARTY AGE UP TO 22 by Daviaynna H., New Sullivan Elementary

UNTITLED (Setting: Christmas Ball) by Kyjuan M, Learn Campbell Campus

UNTITLED (Horsewolf) by Tamarra M.  Dewey School of Excellence

PEAR AND APPLE by Nick, Pritzker School

NIGHTMARE IN MY EYE by Damiah D., Learn Campbell Campus

THE CRAZY PIRATE by Trinity N., Dixon Elementary


LAST CHRISTMAS (True Story Day) by Cantrell S., Learn Campbell Campus

MY STREETS IS ALWAYS QUIET by Takayla N., Malcom Elementary School

FLH by Freddie H. Dewey School of Excellence

Say “One day she was in Texas” to Ambar at the box office to receive discounted tickets!

See you at the show!


Star Wars? We Got Your Star Wars Right Here!

Posted by Jason on November 30, 2014

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Much of the online universe - including yours truly - was understandably abuzz this week after seeing the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  A long time ago (fall of 2004) in a galaxy far, far away (Loyola Park), Claudio F. wrote “Star Wars 3”  - several months BEFORE the actual movie came out!  Since BOM is always on the leading edge of pop culture, we’ve brought back Claudio’s vision, performed word-for-word, for this round of CWG, and we invite you to read it now and see it Monday, Dec. 1 at 8:00 in the final “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma” show of the year!

Star Wars 3
By Claudio F. Loyola Park After School Program

LuK: It’s snowy today master.
Jar: Don’t worry. If you are patient it will be gone soon.
LuK: We are staying in de castle 3 more days.
Jar: We need food and supplies.
LuK: Then we are going to outer space.
Jar: Then we are getting to meet Turkey.
LuK: And then we are going to turkey city.
Jar: Then we are going to the sea to relax, take all the human souls to give it to another baby when the baby is gunna come. Now that the soul is gone, we’re going to give you tips about Jedis
To be continued
Jar: Now let’s practice
(They do. With sticks)
Jar: Let me give you tips. There’s a lot of Jedi moves. There’s difficult ones. But you are going to discover them alone
To be continued
Jar: Let’s practice in the ballogram. There we will get our sticks.
LuK: Let’s go first to metro city. Let’s get our octopus bus.
Jar: We have trouble. A giant octopus dragon is attacking us. Let’s go into a cave, we will be safe.
LuK: Oh no, the power is out. Let’s get our suits to swim.
They swim to metro city. To be continued.
To make war.
LuK: We win the war! Let’s celebrate!
Princess: I’m the princess. Now for helping us win the war you win the precious ball of justice.
The End

And in other Star Wars news:
*See what the Ewoks might have evolved to in “Love is Enough for a Bear”! 
*Banish the pod-races from your head with “I Believe Racing is a Cool Job”! 
*Learn the true secret of Yoda’s Jedi training regimen in “Yoga Class in California”!

Special guests this week: The Young Fugitives, performing their adaptation of “The Battle and the War”! (See how this all ties together?!?)

Say “Put this party stuff up” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!


No Limits!

Posted by Jason on November 23, 2014

General That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Other Performances

Hello, Monkey Fan!  Tomorrow (Mon. 11/24) is Show #5 of “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma”!  As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to remember to push past any limitations you may feel on you, whether self-imposed or from societal norms.  Sure, that means to do more good and help out others less fortunate and eat that extra plate of cranberry turkey stuffing ‘taters.  But also:

1) Don’t think that you can’t have a pool party simply because you’ve spent all day baking.

Grown Up Party Age up to 22, by Daviaynna H., New Sullivan Elementary

Once upon a time, Ms. Harrington was cooking dinner in her mansion.  Her maid was cooking fried food.  Ms. Harrington was in one kitchen.  Her maid, Elizabeth, was in the other.  They kept running back and forth to get different ingredients.  Ms. Harrington was making a cake and Elizabeth was making fried chicken.  Ms. Harrington finished her cake first because Elizabeth kept having to let guest in for the party.  “Sit here.  Sit there.  Put this party stuff up.”  Elizabeth finished her chicken by putting BBQ on it, and brought out the cake.  Ms. Harrington came out in a swim suit and said “Welcome to the Swimming Pool Party.”  The guest put on their swimming suits.  Everybody kept dancing, having pop, and blasted the music.  It was a huge party over 1,000 people came.  They ate all the food.  Jessica brought 13 kids to the party and Ms. Harrington said, “Put the kids in the playroom!  I don’t want to hear them screaming.  The kids got taken to the playroom and the party went back to being great.  The End

2) Don’t think that since you’re a girl you can’t find true love with a bear.

Love is Enough For a Bear, by Ameera A., Johnson School of Excellence

One day it was this girl who wanted to marry a bear and every night she says “love is enough for a bear”.  The next day a bear buzzed her doorbell.  She let him in and he said you remember me she said yeah I do and then they hanged for a few days in the bear decided to get married.  She said yes so they got married and lived happily ever after.  They both had met at the forest it use to be her job and they both was great friends back then but now she really want a great relationship now she’s so happy she founed her bear she was excited to have a great family now sean she letted him escape so they both had good family.  PS They had kids.  The End.

Special guest company this week: The Hypocrites!  Tell Ambar “Put this party stuff up” at the box office for discounted tickets.

Websites and Journeys

Posted by Jason on November 17, 2014

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Those of us of a certain age may remember passing notes in school to find out if that special girl of boy liked you or LIKED liked you.  But now, Eric C. from Columbia Explorers Academy envisions a school website where you can find out if the person of your dreams already has a date to the dance, in The Best Dancer Ever (turned into a doo-wop song by Diana Lawrence!):

One day tonight I have to get a date for the dance.  So I made this (drawing of a checklist with the following written on it)

Sally X
Molly X
Samy ?
Maddy X

Man I tottaly suck. So when I got home I went to C.E.A./ then I found the names of the girls, pictures too.  I took another look at my list then I notist a ? mark on Sammy.  I did some research on her and I found this. 

(drawing of a computer and a website with a picture of a girl in the upper left with “is not on a date” on the right.)

So I asked her she said yes so I went to the dance with her. 
(drawing of girl and boy , near girl’s head is written “nod” with directions up and down)
(drawing of girl and boy dancing, notes above heads).

AND! As Thanksgiving draws near, we always hear tales of what a turkey might go through to avoid being eaten, but what about the adventures of leftovers?  Khaliyah D. from Dixon Elementary has thought it through for us, in The Turkey’s Journey:

Once I was a turkey sandwich and a person wanted to eat me, but he grabbed me and grilled me. I screamed very loud and grew legs and hands and ran away but then two dogs found me and I beat him up with my cheese fist, then he ran away. But the other dog ate me and I tickled his tongue and got out. I ran away with my turkey legs and hopped on a jet plane with Beyonce, and I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in LA. (Los Angeles), California with Beyonce and she gave me to Jay-Z and he ate me for lunch. And I got Digested in his stomach.

Say “What about Sammy?” at the box office for discounted tickets!