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Zombies and Dragons populate That’s Weird Grandma!

Posted by Joe on January 31, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

In a world where you have just watched the superbowl.
In a world where you are isolated by snow.
In a world where you have a serious laughter deficit.


One show pledges to make all your dreams a reality.


We know you are all footballed out and want some good ol fashioned performing arts.
We know you want to get out of the house and warm up at one of the best shows in Chicago.
We know you want more zombies and dragons in your life.

Two knew to That’s Weird, Grandma Stories are goin into the show!

They are DRAGON CITY by Lunaire F. from the Poe Clasical School and ZOMBIE YOU NEED MAKEUP by Jessica F., from the Lorca School!

Come on down the the Neo on Monday and see what we got cookin for you!

Say “Snap out of it.” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!

Visit the Moon with That’s Weird, Grandma!

Posted by Joe on January 26, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Tonight, a very special story joins That’s Weird, Grandma!


THE ASTRONAUT by Jimmy S., Morton School of Excellence

There was a little boy who wants to go to outer space to see the moon but his mom said he could not go to outer space so he started to read about going to outer space so he can be a astronaut so as he was done reading about astronaut then when he was old enough to go outer space.  THE END.

Join us as we journey to outer space and into the minds of young authors tonight at 8pm!

Say “I am old enough” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!

That’s Weird, Grandma is back and better than ever!

Posted by Joe on January 10, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

A whole new crew is spending the weekend learning a new runlist and the show is going to knock your socks off!


Check out all the stories that are going into That’s Weird, Grandma for the first time!

BRING RITA BACK TO EARTH by Priscilla M., Avondale-Logandale School

Characters: Tom and Mariah and Rite Setting:  Mexico
Tom: Abracadabra (make Rite disappear.)
Mariah: Can you do it again to me?
Rite: I like it here in space.
Tom: I love magic and I have trouble to make Rite back.
Mariah: Oh no! You put my friend in space.
Rite: Now I want to go home. Help me!
Tom: I don’t know [how] to bring Rite back to earth.
Mariah: I miss my friend so much.
Rite: I am home.  I am happy.

TURTLES by Luiza, Seamus, Damascus, Sofia, Matthew, Lincolnwood School

I am a turtle, and i believe people should not hurt or hunt me. I think people should instead kiss me. This way there are more turtle lovers in the world. My second reason is that turtles are cool. The reason they are cool, is they poop out babies. This way there are more turtles in the world. In conclusion, if you don’t stop hunting or hurting turtles, we will find a solution ourselves. THE END.

A Time I Got Staples by Damajae M., Avondale-Logandale School

One day I was sleeping over at my uncle’s house and I was sleeping on an air bed and I was laying on the edge of the air bed and my older brother and little sister was playing on the airbed and I fell and hit my head on a heater and I was still asleep and when I woke up it was bloody all over the floor so I went to the hospital and i got staples. THE END

THE DARKNESS by Taniya J., Willa Cather Elementary School

Once upon a time there was a lady who was by herself and she was just looking around and she was on the bridge. She wanted to swim home in the water but she had on her work clothes so she couldn’t because she had to go to work in the morning and the whole family was going out and there was nobody to watch her kids so her kids were about to go with their dad but he had work in the morning too and then her kids start crying so then she said to herself I need to swim home but I got on my work clothes and I got work in the morning and the clouds were dark and scary and she saw a scary mountains then she saw her husband and her kids and then her whole family came and saved her and she hopped in the car and went home. THE END.

THE TASTY END OF SHIRLEY “THE DIVA” BOBALINA by Jake D., Jayla H., Myann W., Kayla L., Nick A., Cameron P., Lincolnwood School

Setting: Train
Character: Shirley Bobalina
One day, Shirley Bobalina, a “Fancy Diva Pig” was on her way to a wedding and stepped in a mud puddle.  Her dress got dirty and she went bananas.  She went on the train to go to Lincolnwood Mall and get a new dress.  The shopkeeper turned her away and said “No pork products allowed….unless dead for my lunch.”  She felt devastated and started crying and had a temper tantrum.  She went to the garbage to pick herself up.  She put on mud for makeup, and the tears running down her snout made her look goth.  She put on a garbage bag for a dress.  She felt confident and gothy and got on the train to the wedding.  She arrived and the guests said she had to be the chef because the chef didn’t show. The bride and groom pushed Shirley into the oven, put an apple in her mouth and made the delicious wedding. And they all lived happily ever after…except Shirley. THE END.

Say “poop out babies” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!

See you at the show!

Holidays Mean Visits From Friends…Welcome to Our Special Guest!

Posted by Marika on December 19, 2014

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Here at Barrel of Monkeys, we are a bit of a family.  And, sometimes, family members leave home and strike out on their own and head to New York or L.A. or Montana. 

Welcome Home!

We are so excited to have the one and only Brennan come home this week to present one of his favorite stories, The Tiny Door in the Back of my Closet by Tyler W. from the Cleveland School

I had never noticed the tiny door in the back of my closet before. I opened and saw a friendly monster that was scared of me.
Then in a few more weeks and he knew me well and we started to play in my room. Then my mom came in and the monster had to hide. Then my mom said that I had to clean my room then my mom closed the door. After that the monster came out and help me clean my room and we finished the room quickly then we played some more and then the monster fainted. Then he got up in an hour. Then he died.

Brennan Buhl
And another story about a Holiday visit…Monica’s Special Christmas Eve by Freda H. from South Loop.  Everyone knows the fastest way to get anywhere is a straight line. But, when you are very bad at geography, it might take a bit longer. 

Will Monica Pass the Test?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Monica. Monica was in first grade and was
very bad at geography. One day she received a letter from Santa. It said:

Dear Monica,
You are invited to a party at my workshop. On the night of Christmas Eve, a reindeer will pick you up. But, you have to tell the reindeer where to go.


PS. There is an indoor swimming pool which is pretty warm.

“Wow, I must pack warm clothes and a swimsuit,” Monica said. During the middle of Christmas Eve she heard a bell ringing. “That must be Santa’s reindeer,” Monica said.
Monica dressed up and got onto a sleigh. “Now which way shall we go,” the reindeer asked. “My teacher told us to memorize South is up, East is left, North is down and West is right, so we have to go South which is up.” It took a long time to get to Santa’s workshop because Monica got all mixed up. When they finally arrived the party was
already over. “I missed the party,” Monica sobbed. “I saved some toys and a piece of cake for you.” “Yay,” Monica cheered.

Can’t wait to see you for this Extra Special Holiday Guest Round…Monday at 8pm!