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WHEN: Mondays at 8pm
WHERE: The Neo-Futurist Theater, 5153 N. Ashland (directions)
TICKETS: $6 for kids, $12 for adults

The show is every Monday, all summer long!

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Reservations may also be made by calling our reservation line: 312-409-1954.

Bring a group to That’s Weird, Grandma!

Join us for our 12th year of Barrel of Monkeys’ critically acclaimed smashing hit.

“Every story that you see was written by a child (uh huh). And every child was taught by the Barrel of Monkeys (well well). First we take the stories and perform them in the schools. Afterwards we share them with the world (you are the world).”

So sings the opening song of “That’s Weird, Grandma”—our Monday night public performance where we showcase the amazing talents of our student authors and our company of performers. After teaching creative writing residencies at Chicago Public Schools and working with students to generate literally thousands of creative stories, we have a gigantic repertoire of material to share with you!

Our show changes each week as audience votes tell us which two stories to cut from the show to be replaced by two new stories. SO, you can come see the show again and again. It’s different every time!

Some reviews of the show...

So respectful of how kids think, it sidesteps 'Kids-Say-the-Darndest-Things' syndrome, veering into lunacy, social criticism, even poignancy.”

Christopher Borrelli, Chicago Tribune

“[Barrel of Monkeys'] dedication to harnessing the boldest, funniest, smartest, and sublimest streaks in their kids' literary inventions means they're not just monkeying around. It's a barrel of fun.”

Jena Cutie, Chicago Reader

“The audience, made up of adults, teenagers, and adults who act like children, was in stiches. The clean humor, awww worthy moments, incredible musical talent of the cast, and the honest and touching children's stories was a perfect storm of perfection.

Kendall Guimond,

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Sorpresa! Planet Dartruda!

Posted by Molly on July 27

This week’s “That’s Weird, Grandma” offers a moving movement adaptation of “Planet Dartruda”, and a surprising surprise in “La Sorpresa”. At the Willa Cather Academy’s Super Seven Girls program, Jacari, Taniya and Nakiya were asked to share their ideas about… more »

Zombies in Fire Cars and Party Monkeys

Posted by Molly on July 21

IS THERE ANYTHING MORE EXCITING THAN A PARTY WITH MONKEYS OR ZOMBIES DRIVING CARS THAT ARE ON FIRE?!?! Come on out to “That’s Weird, Grandma” for more fun than you can handle! ZOMBIES IN FIRE CARS by Angelo E, Loyola… more »

Brand New Cast…Grandma Premieres!

Posted by Molly on July 14

Join us tonight for “That’s Weird, Grandma”, featuring two stories new to the Grandma stage: First, an adaptation of a story written in Spanish from our Columbia Explorer’s Academy program that advocates for prioritizing homework: ES IMPORTANTE TAREA by Emilio… more »

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