20 Years of Intergenerational Storytelling

Celebrate 20 years of Barrel of Monkeys at Kids Write It: 20 Years of Intergenerational Storytelling on Thursday, July 27 at 7:30pm! Don’t miss this one-night only performance!

Join Barrel of Monkeys for an epic night of stories written by kids and performed on the Athenaeum Theatre’s main stage by some of Chicago’s most talented actors and musicians. These actor/educators will perform stories from each of our 20 years, and celebrate the many alumni of our arts education programs in Chicago public schools and parks.

Kids Write It is a one-night-only event inviting audiences of all ages to share in our celebration of 20 years of impactful arts education and theater. Audiences will laugh, cry, and experience the delight of seeing the brilliant imaginations of young authors brought to life on stage in an intergenerational celebration of creativity.

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20 years. 20 stories. 1 epic show.

On the Athenaeum Theatre’s Main Stage

When it all began, we had our offices in the Athenaeum Theatre facilities. After a lot of growing (and moving), we cannot wait to have our 20 year anniversary show at this incredible theatre!

“I think Barrel of Monkeys is good for kids to respect each other and yourself. I also think it help kids learn more.”

–-Darnell, 5th grade, Dewey School of Excellence