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In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

When I was Playing with my Toys

By Tony O, Lorca Elementary School

Last night I was playing with my toys. Bionicle, Transformers and Power Rangers. I went to bed and when I woke up my mom and I went to the garage and opened it and the toys came to life. They were car size. My mom said, “Oh my!” I said, “Wow!” So instead of riding a regular car we drove one of the transformers to school. Sideswipe transformed, said goodbye, then put my mom in his chest, transformed again, and drove away. The transformers and Bionicles talked about who should pick me up from school. They decided that the Bionicles would do it. But they had to wait until 4 because I had computer lab. When they got me home I said “Thank you for picking me up.” And they saluted and I saluted back. I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, they were back to normal. I said “What happened to everything? Oh, maybe they have to go back to making their movie.” But they came back the next day. The End.

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By Armani B, Learn Campbell Academy

Setting: Zoo Characters: Lions, Gorillas
L: Roar (anger)
G: hoo hoo
L: You ate all my food.
G: NO you ate all of my food!!
L: Yeah, but I’m a lion. And I can do that!
G: I’m a gorilla and I can kill you right now.
L: O.K. O.K. No need to fight. Let’s order a pizza.
G: Ok but u paying.
The End

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By Tyrek H, Chalmers Elementary School

Once there was a cat. He did not like to get in the tub. So his owner was mad and sad that the cat would not get in the shower. The cat made a doll. The doll looked just like the cat. Then the owner put the doll in the tub. The cat was happy that he could stay out of the tub. The End

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By Zara A., Loyola Park After School Program

In the fridge was a chocolate pie. Everyone felt bad for it. It was past the eat by date. One day some orange pointy things came. They were tied together. The energy shake that was in the drawer came out and untied them “Ouch! Now we’re going to get bruised!” “Who said that?” asked the grapefruit from the upper shelf. “Hey, it’s just us, the carrots.” said the biggest one Billy. The Pie and all the fridge food went to bed. Except Chocolate Pie to see if the “new guys” were still there. He heard talking . “Yeah and if we can we’ll get that energy shake too. How bout it?” “Oh no,” thought the Chocolate Pie, “that sounded a lot like Billy.” He stepped closer. A little too close. Billy saw him! “Billy!” “What?” The Pie tried to run but couldn’t. Then they started arguing on which was healthier. “Fine let’s see who the house keeper picks to eat first to eat whoever is picked first is healthier. The Housekeeper chose Pie. The End

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By Aryton G, Columbia Explorer’s Academy

Había unas ves una bicicleta. Un señor que se llama perceo la compra la bibileta era Chiquita y después pue con un micénico y el mecanici le pesa una llanta gigante y cuando percent se savior y se quebró su cadera y nunea volvio a comprer una biciletta. Fin.

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