Behold the wonder and majesty of the Barrel of Monkeys Story Archive! Here you can read over 15 years worth of stories written by children that Barrel of Monkeys have performed for the public. It’s been a magical journey.

In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.


By Troy C., Jasmine R., Malik S., Tierra W., Curtis F., and Jerry L., Dewey Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time it was a man named John, a girl named Lila and Lila’s sister CC that can turn into a dragon. She could protect her sister, Lila. Lila liked John and John liked Lila, but Lila’s sister didn’t want them to get together. She tried to ruin their relationship. When John and Lila would go somewhere, CC would say she had to go to the bathroom and she’s come back as a Dragon and try to grab her sister, and she and John would battle. Lila had visions when her sister was going to do something bad, and Lila’s life was miserable. The reason CC acted bad was because she wanted to get some attention, so she started a war between the Hot and Cold, so John and Lila break up because John is on the Hot and Lila’s on the Cold. CC was going to go to the Freeze to get more people to battle John.  When CC and John were fixin to battle, Lila tried to make them be friends. They tried to take her but she turned into a dragon. John took CC to get some ice cream, and she became friends with Lila. They stopped to war. The end.


By Sarronda L., Jaleesa W., Anaya G., Dewey
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Characters: NJ, CA, RA   Setting: A Bubble gum party

NJ: Lets have a bubble gum party
RA: Watebs
CA: (ok) I’m their.
NJ: I got all this bubble gum.
RA: I’m eating purple gum now and I’m turning purple.
CA: look at the ceiling it gum is floating.
NJ: look I am pink like bubble gum
RA: I am purple like the juice ohh la la
CA: I’m blue girls lets sing in our bubble gum out fit.
NJ: Let’s sing starships.
RA: hit it.
CA: give me a beat.


By Michael E. & Napoleon N., Paderewski Elementary
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Me and Michael went to a Bulls game and then Derrick Rose poped out of the sky. Then Derrick hit a 3 pointer out of the sky.
Michael: Did you see that? That was awesome
Napoleon: III saw that.
The after he shot he gave us that ball. When he gave us the ball we opened it it had 40 million in a Gucci bag
Derrick: Are you 2 hungry?
Michael: Yes we are both hungry.
Napoleon: So Derrick where are we going?.
Derrick: Let’s go get you 2 freshed up.
NM: Okay!!!!
Michael: Derrick why don’t we order hummer limo
Derrick: what color
MN:  black & yellow.
Derrick: we should go get that boy who made that
We went to the greatest food chain ever and spend 1 million bucks
The End

The Marshmallow

By Isabella , Loyola Park After School Program
That's Weird, Grandma

One day at antarctica a marshmelow named Bob he had a girlfriend named
Cortny she always said be careful to him and also don’t get eaten by
those littol dang deer he always said don’t worry baby!  I’ll be fine.
But oan day it was Bob’s birthday he said “Am going out huny”  She
did not say anything she got a diet coke cause marshmelow guop was
skurting out like really bad.  Bob had no idea and when he left BOM!!
She died Bob did not come back he got eaten by one of those dang
deers.  The End and that is the story of the old man.


By Antonio C., Avondale-Logandale Elementary
Dialogues Holidays Winter Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: Tokyo

Characters:  Antonio and Angel

Antonio:  On Christmas evening there is snow.  You could go skating.  If you have a Christmas tree you and your family could decorate it and there are presents.

Angel: He Antonio, today you want to come to my house to open my present.  Bring your presents.

Antonio: Yes, I can[‘t?]  wait for Christmas to come. Fanile [Finally?] Christmas came.  I [am] going ton Angel’s house.

Angel: Antonio you are just in time to open our present.

Antonio: I forgot my present.  I will be back.

Angel:  did you get your presents?

Antonio: Yes it’s 12:00 [o’clock].

Angel:  It’s time to open the presents.

Antonio:  Merry Christmas Angel.

Angel: Merry Christmas Antonio.

When We Saw Santa

By Israel M., Little Village Academy
Holidays Winter Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

One day it was one more day for Christmas we wanted to see santa so we had a plan. When it was Christmas we sleep in a room where it was close to the living room. Then santa came. We saw him and grab a big bag. And we were so quiet then we kicknap him then we took all the present and put it on the tree then we put the deers on the garage. When it was the morning our parents said how we got deers we told that santa gave it to us and left. When we open the presents we got nerf gun, Playstation games, Wii Games, X box games, Nintendo Games and Gameboy games it was cool then it was July so then we let Santa go he was so hot he went in Airplane home. We got in trouble. We couldn’t play video game for 2 months. Instead we play soccer and blow up fireworks. The End.

The King of All Lunch

By James H., Paderewski
That's Weird, Grandma

One day when I was in school it was lunch time and we had the most disgusting lunch of all it was broccoli and milk and all of a sudden a man had yelled you should not be giving these kids only broccoli and milk! And he said:  “I’m the King of Lunch!” And we cheered for him and he had servants throw the broccoli away and made an all you can eat buffet and the two lunch ladies went to jail for starving kids and the day was saved.  The End.

When I was Just a Little Girl

By Princess M., New Sullivan Elementary
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

When I was just a little girl my mama used to tuck me into bed.  Then she will read me a story.  It’s always about a princess who can’t find her prince and in up with a creature.  She said I will dream my own dreams.  I will slay my own dragon.  I will retell my story.  I don’t want to be like Cinderella wanting some body to come and set me free.  I will reclaim my story.  In the dungeon.  I have a stepsister and she is locked in her room by her mom.  The End

La Bailaraina Del Salon

By Kasandra P., Columbia Explorers Academy
Spanish That's Weird, Grandma

Una ves una bailarina que se llama Maria. Maria eva un a gran bailarina y su maerta se llama Alejandra. Un dia llegaria el campoinato pero Maria se torcia el pie y no podia bailar la maertra Alejandra le hablo a Maria poi telefono la maestra Alejandra le dijo a Maria que porque no llegaba al campionato si al guien te cubre no ganasas y note daran el premio. Maria le dijo a la maestra Alejandra tengo una idea nesesito que vengas a mi casa maestra Alejandra. La maestra Alejandra llego ala casa de Maria. Mire maestra Alejandra pongase esta mascara de mi. La maestra bail y gano el premio y la maestra Alejandra se lo dio a Maria.

English translation:

Once there was a ballerina named Maria. Maria was a great ballerina and her teacher was named Alejandra. One day the great championship would come but Maria twisted her foot and was not able to dance. The teacher Alejandra called Maria on the phone and asked Maria why she was not going to the championship, and that if someone did not cover her,she would not win and would not get the prize. Maria told teacher Alejandra I have an idea, I need you to come to my house. The teacher Alejandra arrived at Maria’s house. Look teacher Alejandra put this mask of me on. The teacher danced and won the price and then the teacher gave the prize to Maria.

My First Kiss

By Joshua I., Harold Washington Elementary
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

In the summer time last year just about before the school year was over there was this girl named Diana [note from the typist: all i’s in ‘Diana’ written with a heart as the dot on the i] that I sorta had a crush on she smelled like fresh fruit or flowers she was like a dream come true so total hot that she could almost hypmatize me to do or give her something. I had the most scariest gang of rough friends ever even the 8th graders were horrified of us we were vicious like a swarm of wild sharks. Diana had the most prettiest friends and all of my friends go out with them but I got beauty and brains. One day something changed completely after we had art and washed our hands Diana walk in and turn off the lights and frenched me WOW tolito! Man she could kiss so could I ♥