Behold the wonder and majesty of the Barrel of Monkeys Story Archive! Here you can read over 15 years worth of stories written by children that Barrel of Monkeys have performed for the public. It’s been a magical journey.

In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

UNTITLED (OMG I Found My Sister’s Friend)

By Jasmine H., West Pullman Elementary School
That's Weird, Grandma

Oh my god
I found my sister’s friend.
I’m holding
my girlfriends hand.
“Oh my.”
My friend said, “I can see a dead man’s head.”
I see a blond woman and she is coming.
I can hear
a clowns laughter, and he is fatter.
WE are
at a new years eve party
and we are
Drinking Bacardi.
The countdown is just getting started
and my friend is having a ball.


By King-Caleb W., Learn Campbell Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

One night a man went to the museum and saw a dinosaur skeleton.  His name was Justin Timberlake.  He had an apartment.  That’s when the dinosaur came to life and tried to take over the world but Justin Timberlake killed the dinosaur with a bee-bee gun and a sword.  THE END.


By Marilyn R. & Andrea V., Graham Elementary School
That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: Street
Justin Beiber- famous teenager  
Amber- a fan
J: (walking) Hi I am Justin Beiber
A: (shocked) Ahhhh it’s Justin Beiber                        
J: (Rund) uh-oh better run    
A: (screaming) wait up could I get your autograph.           
J: (calm) ok sure who do I sign it to                            
A: (catching her breath) um to my friend Thanks            


The Good Witch

By Shaunda P., Dewey School of Excellence
Holidays Halloween That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time me and my cousin was coming to school and we meat a lady named Mrs. McPherson asked me were I live.  I said just around the corner and said be save.  When I got home I saw a light shining from my closet and before I could touch it, it opened so she said hello she said what to days date I said October 31, 2013.  And she said good I’m on time And I said for what to save you and then the Boogy man and killed her And then she came back and she could not die.  And we were going to die together so monsters tried to take over Halloween so she saved Halloween and we keeped trick or treating. THE END.


By Jordan P., New Sullivan Elementary
That's Weird, Grandma

A Wizard visiting a dentist to day I was in the dentist room and I [saw] something black it was a W…I…Z…A…R…D run for ur life run now it a W…I…Z…A…R…D 72 people are die is a W…I…Z…A…R…D.

My Song:
I I hated wizard wizard wizard come for u for some u u go die it it wizard wizard it wizard 1 2 wizard come for you 3 4 better lock ur door 5 6 wizard come run now go go a wizard bye. Peace.


The Day I Drive A Car

By Devian R., Dewey Elementary
That's Weird, Grandma

The day I drive a car is when my dad let me drive is I drive to McDonalds up the street so he told me to step on the gas so I step on the day I step on it to hard then he told me to step on the brakes so I did it so we was at McDonalds he got two big mac for us.  I was so scared because it is a car.  THE END.

The Football Player

By T.J. M., Morton School of Excellence
That's Weird, Grandma

His name was Austin. He was in a football game. He won all of his games but not this Fourth and one. But then his frined said every idea is a good idea. Then pick the first idea that came to him went with that and the idea to pass the ball then won the game. THE END.

The Kid With The Donut Suit

By Brenda S., Lorca Elementary School
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was an act at school and there was a boy that wanted to be a donut at the act so he was so excited that he always smiled all time so he was so happy at school so he did all his work but then he got embarrassed so he was sweating a lot because he played a donut with sprinkles on and they were taking a lot of pictures and people with cameras so then he got mor nervis because he was performing at the end of the day so then he was worried that he will forgot his lines, maybe he will not smile or everybody will not cheer for him and throw stuff at him so everybody was telling him that everybody will look funny and some will forget their lines but they will not throw stuff at them because they are really good at acting so they were happier. Finally they got on stage at school so he started to think of the stuffs that everybody told him so he got happier and figured out that everything was the opposite and they were all happy so then he liked his donut with sprinkles on and he smiled all the time and it was so fun. THE END.

Running in the Snow

By Gary M., Morton School of Excellence
That's Weird, Grandma

One cold winter morning Jashae came out. She was running in the snow. She was cold but she was still running. She made it home on time enough to a hot cup of cocoa. She watched some TV and fell asleep. THE END.