Behold the wonder and majesty of the Barrel of Monkeys Story Archive! Here you can read over 15 years worth of stories written by children that Barrel of Monkeys have performed for the public. It’s been a magical journey.

In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

The Best Day

By Dana B., Prieto Math and Science Academy

It was the best day
I remember swimming with Josue
It was fun. I like to play with toys in the pool and the
Pool was warm. After swimming we go to
Chuck-e- cheese. We play games and
Eat pizza.
My mommy was take us.
We also went to grandma’s house
It was the best day …… ever.

Chip the Chicken

By Cadence M., Kinzie Elementary School

One day in a science lab there was a new animal created by the scientist Darlene Reyes. The new creature was a chicken and a man. The chicken-man’s name is Chip and Chip loved to act. He even got a role in a movie. The movie was called Charlotte’s Web and he was Charlotte. Chip loved acting so much he decided The End.

The Three Missing Dogs

By Johnathan, Lorca Elementary School

Once upon a time a dog called Kelly and she was a Chihuahua had three babies and the owner didn’t want to take care of four dogs so he made a dog sale and the mom dog took the dogs and lived happily ever after. The End.

The Unusual Hole

By Leila F., Columbia Explorers Academy

Once upon a time there was a black hole. This black hole came out of nowhere. It sucked people into, well nowhere. Then one day a news reporter came to the hole. She realized there was the house of James Harper. He is an evil scientist who out things where they shouldn’t be.

Untitled Dialogue (Fire Gal and Aqua Gal)

By Bella D. and Taylor G., Loyola Park After-School Program

Characters: Aqua Gal and Fire Gal
Setting: the Beach

Aqua Gal: Why do I have to see you here?

Fire Gal: Did you follow me here? I don’t like you.

Aqua Gal: I’m not going to tell if I followed you. Why would I?

Fire Gal: How would you like it if I hurt you? It would be fun.

Aqua Gal: Yeah right, how would you like it if I hurt you?

Fire Gal: Really how would you hurt me? And I would still beat you.

Aqua Gal: Just because I’m little doesn’t mean you can tease me.

Fire Gal: So it looks like you can protect yourself.

Aqua Gal: I can’t believe you’re my sister. It’s just not fair.

Fire Gal: Well just get over it. You have to live with me anyway.

Aqua Gal: You think you can control me but you can’t either way it goes.

Fire Gal: If I hurt you don’t go crying to Mom.

Aqua Gal: Well with one scream and one cry you will be out of the house.

Grown Up Party Age up to 22

By Daviaynna H., New Sullivan Elementary

Once upon a time, Ms. Harrington was cooking dinner in her mansion. Her maid was cooking fried food. Ms. Harrington was in one kitchen. Her maid, Elizabeth, was in the other. They kept running back and forth to get different ingredients. Ms. Harrington was making a cake and Elizabeth was making fried chicken. Ms. Harrington finished her cake first because Elizabeth kept having to let guest in for the party. “Sit here. Sit there. Put this party stuff up.” Elizabeth finished her chicken by putting BBQ on it, and brought out the cake. Ms. Harrington came out in a swim suit and said “Welcome to the Swimming Pool Party.” The guest put on their swimming suits. Everybody kept dancing, having pop, and blasted the music. It was a huge party over 1,000 people came. They ate all the food. Jessica brought 13 kids to the party and Ms. Harrington said, “Put the kids in the playroom! I don’t want to hear them screaming. The kids got taken to the playroom and the party went back to being great. The End

The Mountain Top

By Xitlaly G., Loyola Park After-School Program

Once there was a girl who cried blood. And her name was ocean. She had a special key that let her enter all the mountain tops. But her boyfriend Blue broke up with her and she went to the mountain tops and she started to cry but she cried blood. She tried to hold it in because she thought she would fall out of the mountain tips she down stairs and she went somewhere with her friends so they could calm her down but then her friend said “Blue just texted me this message” but her friends didn’t know she cried blood. She cried blood, everybody saw her and started running out of the restaurant. She was so sad she ran back to her mountain top. Then she saw Blue, and she cried more blood and she couldn’t see him and then Blue pushed her down the mountain top then Blue started crying blood. But little did he know that her spirit was still there. Now she waits to see Blue in her mountain top so she could push him. THE END.

The Romance Party

By Jasmine J., Dixon Elementary School

On my 10 th birthday I had a love themed birthday party. I invited my friends and my cousins. There was this one cute boy there that just popped out of nowhere. Nobody else noticed him but me. He had the most expensive leather jacket in his hand and he held it out to me. It was the most beautiful purple jacket I’ve ever seen. It was like he was read my mind. I asked “What is your name?” He turned around, his face covered . Then he flipped his hair and said, “My name is whatever you want it to be.” He was so my league! He was about 12, But I didn’t care, so I replied, “I don’t know,,, maybe Justin?” He said “That is the perfect name for me!” Justin took my hand and we danced, laughed, talked, cried, and hugged eachother. Close. Really close. When, when it was time to cut the cake, Justin said, “I have to go now, babe” “No! You can’t leave. What about…! Oh nothing” I said. “What’s up, I’ll be back soon.” Justin said. “Ok” I replied. Justin leaned over and gave me a…KISS! Oh! My dreams came true! To be continued… THE END.

Where does the Dancing Cow Go?

By Aisya, Loyola Park Blue

Have you ever dreamed of sailing a ship to the stars? Or meeting a mermaid that swims through the sky? You might think these are all childish dreams, but they are the work of the dancing cow.

The dancing cow is the one who gives you the best adventures. Have you ever had a tea party with mermaids? Or had a dance off with a Fairy? Yes, yes you have! You just don’t remember any of these things, because you wake up.

First you sail to the land of adventure. Remember anything can happen in a dream. You will sail with 3 little men, called the Oooooh men. They will take you to the land of adventure. From there, the dancing cow does his magic. Only the chosen ones could even get a glimpse of the dancing cow!

Where does he go, you ask? Now that’s a question to think about! Why the sudden interest in the dancing cow? Have I intrigued you? There’s a ship called the Flying Betty. Ever heard of it? No you haven’t! That’s the dancing cow’s flying ship. It collects lightning to the DREAMER’S WOROKSHOP.

That’s where the people manufacture your dreams and thoughts. Now, go rest, and meet the dancing cow.

The Way of the Soup

By Patryk, Karolina, Max L, Darlene, Mia, Bella, Yael, Kinzie Elementary School

Once there was a guy named Jeff who hated soup. He hated it 100% one day he met a guy named Jackie chan. Who taught him the way of the soup, like broccoli soup, chicken soup, tomato soup, and pepper soup. Jeff tasted all of the soups. He loved some, he hated some and even fought the ones he hated. So two years later he found the courage to order soup at a restaurant. He like the soup so much that he opened his own soup restaurant in Philadelphia. Two months later his soup became so famous he starred in his own cooking show called the ways of the soup. The End.