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In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

Princess Vs Berries and Nachos

By Mya S, Ny'tevia H, Nya B, Alisha H, Kendra B, Jamie H, Tyrese H, Tyler B., Chalmers School of Excellence

Once Victoria the princess was wearing a pink dress. She is nice but when you mess with her she can be your worst nightmare! She was going to a castle to get berries for a pie. Her father the king sent her a basket to get the berries. But the berries were near the Nacho Monster’s Forest. While she was collecting berries the Nacho Monster saw her through his peep hole. He jumped out and scared her. She tried to run but unfortunately he stepped on her hair and she fell. She had really long hair because she loved Rapunzel and was trying to be like her. The Nacho monster was mad and sad because Victoria took his friend’s berries. Nacho Monster dragged Victoria by her hair to the Berry Monster’s door. The Berry Monster said “Who goes there?” “It’s me Nacho.” The Berry Monster was mad and screamed “Why’d you take my berries there are plenty of cherries in the Fairy Tree.” Victoria said ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to take your berries. I was going to make berry pie for the ball, but we can share.” They decided to share and became friends. But a knight came to rescue her and the Berry and Nacho Monsters boiled him and chopped him up with pork chops. They ate him for dinner and the princess did too! The End

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Football Chefs

By Rogelio T, Lorca Elementary

Once there was chefs that loved two activities they worked as chefs then something happened they were late for a game they were in a rush they forgot to put there football uniform so the six men just put there helmets and rib protectors. There names were Samuel and Yae and Devin and Jairo they all played with squash and got very messy and there grandmas said you boys have to wash your own close because you are very messy bad boys. The End.

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10,000 Pounds

By Brooke B, Poe Classical School

One day a girl was training for the Olympics with her coach.  She was his best student.  She could do mostly everything.  But one day when her coach told her she had to lift 10, 000 pounds to continue her training she tried and tried buy she could not lift the 10,000 pounds.  She knew she’d never continue to the next step in her training if she did not do it.  Next she did a training montage dun dun dun.  Then she went back to training and lifted it. She celebrated by getting lazy and eating a lot of food so she never got into the Olympics.  The end :-) :angry: > :-) > :-(

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By Jaiden H, Dixon

I believe that race car driving is a cool job because race car driving is cold and I want to go to driving school when I turn 25 and one day I want 1,000, 550.00 for a Camaro 2L1 and cars are my favorite thing is listening to my favorite tunes in my Grandma’s car and my mom’s car and I sometimes I dream about cars and dreaming me drifting in a racing challenge or a drift race of Tokyo and Chicago and also Canada and I believe that driving a Dodge Challenger is fast and driving is my favorite and my thing is that I like to race with another opponent and like friend or with somebody else and I driving because driving is like a lesson and drifting is fun I say that because driving is super awesome.  The end and I would like to thank Gwen, Nick and Timmy and David.  Super Duper the End! It is cool man and Timmy is a superstar and Gwen is a good BOM teacher ever.

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By Marquise M, Johnson

My brother
And me
Was playing
And eat
We ate a sandwich and drank milk
We Share a Room
My brother is my friend
This is our godbrother clubhouse
This is my mom room

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