READ the Stories in… That’s Weird, Grandma: Goes Trick or Treating!

Posted by Brandon on October 2, 2019

We are getting so excited about That’s Weird Grandma: Goes Trick or Treating as we bring you a collection of new and old stories to help celebrate Halloween and the horrors imagined by our brilliant students.

Did you know you can read all of the stories online before you come to the show? Check them Out!

Stories About Halloween
Ninja Lovers has been brought back as a favorite of last year’s Halloween show. Its a musical adventure in trick or treating!
The Day it was Halloween provides advice for those who are scared on halloween… eat a candy bar!

Ghost Stories
The Orphan Girl is an audience favorite, featuring the ghost of Mia Blake 1873-1885
In The Haunted Mansion even ghosts can have sibling rivalries.
The Key reveals dark family secrets

Stories About Revenge
Johny’s Revenge and The Bull Boy is the ultimate story of a 20 year grudge over who should be Benny, the Bull’s Mascot
The Old Man has a boy maid and they both are seeking a bit of Revenge.
Don and the Three Mimes, come find out why these mimes love to sabotage Don

Scary Animals
Family Road Trip Gone Wrong features some freaky pigs
Candyman has bees coming out of his mouth
And in The Story of the Weird Monkey, its scary to find out your new name.

Real World Horrors
McDonalds is about the horrors of fast food
Evil Devil Printer is about the horrors of home office appliances
And The Wind and the Rain is about the horrors of rain and snow

Monsters, Vampires, and Bears Oh My
In Monster Monologue, the Monster under your bed is growing up and moving on
Vampire Kiss is a teenage after-school special
And The Darkness, features a bear among other monsters….

I hope you enjoyed reading all of these spooky (and not so spooky) students’ stories and we can’t wait to perform them for you at That’s Weird, Grandma: Goes Trick or Treating. P.S. There will be candy!

Sundays, October 6-November 3 at 3pm at The Neo Futurist Theatre

Cast Includes: Elisa Carlson, Linsey Falls, Barry Irving, Cedar Larson, Tom Malinowski, Nic Park, Brad Stevens, Rawson Vint, and Rachel Wilson
Stage Manager: Daniel Parsons
Director: Brandon Cloyd

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