Balloon Riot at Dewey!

Posted by Dan R. on March 30, 2012

School Shows

This morning was crazy!

The show at Dewey was at 9:00, so we all met up for breakfast at 6:00; it’s something of a Barrel of Monkeys tradition. It lets us have a little relaxation time together before we do a show and it makes sure that we’re all together before heading to the school, so that loading in and setting up goes more smoothly.

The show was amazing. It was the last day before Spring Break and the classes of Ms. Jones, Ms.McGinley, Ms. Malone and Ms. Brackin were in fine form. They gave us such great material to work with and (we hope) we gave them a great show in return.


Here’s Rani singing about her heartfelt desire to cook Ricky with some catfish. Our teachers often feature in students’ stories, but not always in the way that you might expect.


Here’s Tai in his Rubik’s Cube costume that you can see in the previous blog post. The student’s didn’t know quite what to make of him at first, but who can resist his angular and multi-colored charms?


Finally, a report of the show would not be complete without the description of The Balloon Party. Here, you see the cast in the final moments of our final story. At the climax of the play, balloons were thrown to the audience and they responded in the most appropriate way: they joined in with abandon! It’s what Barrel Of Monkeys is all about: joining in, having fun and going a little bit crazy!

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