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No, no, no, it’s more like THIS.

Posted by Lacy on May 13, 2008

That's Weird Grandma School Shows

Monkeys is a big company. Not all of us can be in the same show at the same time, so a lot of times we’ll end up hearing about characters and sketches we don’t actually get to see in person.

Last night after “That’s Weird, Grandma,” Donnell and Tai spent a good ten minutes losing their minds laughing and trying to explain how hilarious Laura McKenzie is in the [currently in rehearsal] Chalmers show.

Donnell:  She does this thing like THIS…

Tai: Yeah - yeah, but then it’s THIS thing…

Donnell: No, and then she’s ... [incoherent laughter] ... hang on… okay THIS…

Tai: And then she…

They finally gave up. 
Now we GOTTA go see whatever it is that Laura does in the Chalmers show.

This week at “That’s Weird, Grandma”

Posted by Heidi on April 26, 2008

That's Weird Grandma

“That’s Weird, Grandma” is back from hiatus. Exciting!

This week’s show will feature the following delightful stories:

The Biggest Fight Ever
The Seven Penguin’s Adventure
Princess Who Don’t Like Ketchup
When I Went to Church with Grandma
What Is Your Life?
Mr. Money and Mrs. Spaghetti in the Dragon and His Wife
Tigers are Here
The Beast Who Want to Eat King Mac
I am a Butcher and I Love Meat
The Two Brothers
Scarf Lady
The Cowboys Who Fighted
My Name Is Jelly
Dress Up Kitty (Untitled)
Untitled (Peace)

Buy your tickets online!