Countdown to Dewey

Posted by Dan R. on March 30, 2012

School Shows

This evening was our final rehearsal before we head to Dewey, bright and early, tomorrow morning.

This is our last chance to finish building props, gather together our costumes, hone our play and polish our songs. It’s also the night that we do our run-through: a practice of the entire show in the order that we will perform it at the school.


As you can see, we have some pretty wacky characters in this week’s show. Tai is playing a Rubik’s Cube that just doesn’t want to be looked at.


We have a lot of props for this show and keeping them in order is part of what we practice when we do a run-through. Barrel Of Monkeys shows are fast paced and there isn’t time to be scrabbling around for props as you go from one story to the next.

At the end of our rehearsal, everyone was excited for the show tomorrow. Cars are now stuffed with balloons, wigs, hats, bags and all sorts of paraphernalia. All that remains is to grab a few hours sleep and then hit the road: Dewey-bound!

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