Dewey Academy Rehearsals

Posted by Dan R. on March 29, 2012

School Shows

This week will see Barrel Of Monkeys return to the Dewey Academy for a school show.

For the past week, 12 actors have be adapting the stories of students of the Dewey Academy. Along the way, we’ve learned that Wizards, Werewolves and Weather are topics of interest to our authors. We’ve learned that the Barrel Of Monkeys teachers who run the workshops are great sources of inspiration. We’ve been introduced to Thunder Boy, Pickle Girl and even the lowly Rubik’s cube.

Out of these amazing stories have sprung a number of original songs, some amazing dance routines and even a few magic tricks. Tomorrow will see us putting the finishing touches and polishing our plays before Friday morning’s performance. From where I’m sitting, we’re looking to be in great shape and everyone’s excited to get to Dewey bright and early for an hour of fun!

See you there!

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