I am Taylor the Rose and Dress Up Cat

Posted by Molly on March 29, 2012

That's Weird Grandma

Join us Sunday at 2 p.m. for the return of two classic BOM Stories:

I am Taylor the Rose and Dress Up Cat.

For a discounted ticket, say “I have my seedlings” at the Box Office.

This week’s runlist looks like this:
Prince/Princess by Ingrid D., Little Village                                                
I am a Butcher and I Love Meat by Adrius W., Dewey
Zombie Story by Ethan, Loyola Park                                          
Worst Pet Ever by Rebka M., Stockton                                          
I am a Teddy Bear/I am a Child by Najeeva F                                  
The Princess’ Sleepover by Alveta M & Tashay M, Chalmers
Untitled (Dress up Cat) by Vanessa R., Seward
Bulls Game by Michael E and Napolean N., Paderewski                    
I am a Boxer by Jaiquan H., Henderson Elementary
The Day I Was Catch Lightning Bugs by Antonio M., Dewey
Cheerleaders by Julie F., Cleveland
Me and My Cat at 6 Flags by Michael W., Dewey
My Family (Little Fat Hurtful) by Roxesea C., New Sullivan
I am Taylor the Rose By Naheige Lewis, Cleveland
The Singing Chicken by Rodrigo, Little Village        
The Time We Had a Snowball Fight by Dionta S., Kohn

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