Loyola Park Rocks Like An Irish Jig!

Posted by Rani on March 4, 2013

School Shows After School Program

Here’s a little taste of some of the awesomeness that will occur at the Loyola Park Winter show today…..

This is how many iPods it takes to make the magic

Diego is tired after all that adapting


James trying to talk through the giant space helmet=hilarious


There is nothing I can say to explain this photo


And then this adorable puppy showed up at rehearsal


But that’s not all!  There will also be a self-propelled farting cat, Kate Staiger as a kleptomaniac mother, beautiful and haunting red balloons and a cameo by Abraxes from “When I Went to Wizard World” by Lauren H. from the Dewey School.

It’s gonna be great ya’ll!


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