Reflecting on the BOM Student Experience with Naysa S.

Posted by hpalmer on July 27, 2017

I love Barrel of Monkeys, because it taught me to make stories that allow me to create my own characters and create kind of like my own little world, in which I control my characters lives, and how I could choose wether they are solving a mystery or just going to the store to buy cookies. I could enter dramatic plot twists that could change their lives, or I could introduce them to thing that will change them for the better.
Barrel of Monkeys has changed my life in many ways. One way is, now I love to learn new words, and when I do I write them down, and in the future I could use them in my favorite game, Scrabble. I used to hate everything that related to school, math, science, writing, but with Barrel of Monkeys, it introduced me to many other genres of writing that we were not taught in school, and when they did introduce us to those topics I already knew what to do, because I was able to recall when we were taught it. Now I love everything to do with words, I play Scrabble, a whole collection of crossword puzzles and word search, I even read the dictionary for fun, it’s really fun to update my vocabulary with new words, so I won’t sound like everyone else, but when I was sad, I could use longer words to express how I feel, words that will capture the real feeling, not just sad or happy, but sorrowful and elated, which in my opinion are much better words to use.

From my background knowledge, the ‘90s were very colorful, so the shows performed on stage would be colorful with wacky asymmetrical hairstyles and awesome noises.

In 20 years, I think that the light technology would have improved a lot, so then there would be more awesome special effects to make the stories awesome and so that you can’t even think about looking away for a second, and there would be cool robot costumes with a lot of things used to help out, so then the costume changes would go easier and quicker, to make it look like a professional show.

-Naysa S., BOM Student

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