Sammy the Eel returns to That’s Weird Grandma!

Posted by Joe on March 11, 2015

Our confidently weird all musical performance of That’s Weird, Grandma just keeps getting better!


Sammy the Eel returns to That’s Weird, Grandma and with him he brings laughs, tears, and gorgeous voices!

Check out the story below and preview the song here

Sammy the Eel by Carnail A., Chalmers School of Excellence

Once there was an eel named Sammy.
He had a great life and eel good friends.
He also had a family that loved him and always showed it to him.
Sammy always paid his electric bill.
All the people who knew Sammy said he was a very good person.
He also had a pet fish named Timmy.
One day Sammy went to church because he always went to church.
The next day Sammy was on his way to church and he saw sea waste a women screamed my baby a little boy was trapped on a piece of waste.
He went to get the little boy to safety.
And he got the boy free but got stuck.
They also had a funeral for Sammy at church of his poor sweat death.

Say “Sammy the eel had a great life” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!

You got two chances this week, Sunday at 2pm and Monday at 8pm!

See you at the show!

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