Sponsored Monkey Lineup Announced for Monkey-o-kee 2013!

Posted by Elizabeth on February 1, 2013

If you weren’t already excited about Monkey-o-kee 2013 (and why wouldn’t you be?  It’s a night full of karaoke, food, drinks, and WORLD SAVING!!) , here’s reason to get even MORE excited.

While everyone who attends Monkey-o-kee has the opportunity to sing their lungs out, or watch others, some of us Monkeys get gussied up in ridiculous get-ups, create a concept around a song and perform in front of a large group of people at Monkey-o-kee, and get sponsored by friends and family to do so.  The money these Monkeys raise to get sponsored goes towards our work in Chicago Public Schools.
Here is who we’ve got this year:

Zoe Schwartz and Nick Hart are combining a song by this lady
inspired by this guy
You can sponsor Zoe and Nick to see how!

Rachel Wilson, Jen Johnson, Kassi Bleifuss and Joe Schupbach are gonna let a certain person take the wheel, via a Carrie Underwood classic!  image
Sponsor them if you feel good about letting them take over the mic with their vocal talents!

Ricky Harris is proud to present a song by his favorite person to portray in celebrity cameos in school performances.  Sponsor him, and we promise you’ll do this:

And you will have the opportunity to sponsor the ever-delightful Laura McKenzie who will be making a few guest appearances throughout the evening!  This is how people already feel about that:

You can sponsor any or all of these folks online right now, as well as buy your tickets for Monkey-o-kee!  Don’t forget that buying a ticket AND sponsoring these Monkeys to sing these songs helps us keep doing our work in Chicago Public Schools.  Save the world, one karaoke song at a time!  See you on February 10!

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