That’s Weird, Abuelita opens today!

Posted by Molly on July 25, 2012

That's Weird Grandma

The second iteration of “That’s Weird, Abuelita” opens today.

This bilingual show features stories written in Spanish and English, and are adapted for all to enjoy no matter what your primary language is!

“That’s Weird, Abuelita”
Hairpin Arts Center
2800 N Milwaukee, 2nd Floor (above the Payless!)

Wednesdays at 3 p.m.
Saturdays at 3 and 7 p.m.

Now through August 18.

Tickets:  $10 for adults, $5 for kids

Stories include…

Yo Soy Un Pescado, por Ruby, Avondale
STUPID by Eddie,  Columbia Explorer’s Academy
Untitled Dialogue, por Brandon, Jenny, Brisa Lorca
Untitled (Rita in Space), by Priscilla, Avondale-Logandale
El Pinguino Azul, por Leslie , Orchard Place
I Believe It Is Disgusting, by Agustin, Avondale-Logandale  
El Pajaro Perdido, por Dayis, Dawes
Los Hombre de Imigrasion, por Karolina, Avondale-Logandale
El Oso Y Fantasma, por Marianna, Ms. Casas, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
The Big Bully, by Joshua, Avondale-Logandale
Story:  The Bad Dancer by Roberto, Lorca
UNTITLED (Dodgeball Story), por Miriam, Kiara, Aaron, Carlos, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
The Grandpa Who Makes Pinatas, by Oscar, New Sullivan
La Bailarina Del Salon, por Kasandra, Columbia Explorer’s Academy
Me and My Cat at Six Flags by Michael, Dewey Academy
Cielo Amarillo, por Mateo, Dawes

Brenda Arellano, Lizzie Bracken, Nancy Casas, Immanuel Guest, Nicholas Hart, Elizabeth Levy, Mari Marroquin, Nicole Silverberg, Kate Staiger, Bradford Stevens, Donnell Williams and Rachel Wilson.

Co-Directed by Emilio Williams!

We’d love to see you there!

Escrito por niños. Intepretado por actores. Por un mundo mejor.

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