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Epistolary tales.

La Maestra Muy Enojada

By Brian C, Graves Elementary

Habia una ves dos estudiantes que se llamaror mary and jojo se portaron mal y las maestra los regano y los y evoyo a la ofisina y la principal les dio mil, 2illo, Billo, Triyon, Y 100 referhasy aprendieron su leccion. Fin.

English translation:

The Very Angry Teacher
Once there were two students named Mary and Jojo. They behaved badly and the teacher scolded them and they went to the office and the principal gave them a thousand, 2 million, billion, trillion, and 100 write-ups and they learned their lesson. The End.

King Banana Face

By Ruby D, Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Once there was a banana named King Banana face and he lived in the land called Boo Boo Banana. One day he was sitting on his throne and he realized he was lonely he wanted a friend. So he went out into Boo Boo Banana town center and looked for a friend. He saw cupcake but no too many sprinkles. Then he saw toast but no too much bread. Then last as he thought he would never find a friend he saw chocolate and he said to himself “hum no bad things wow” so he went up to chocolate whose name was coco and he said “will you by my friend coco?” “Sure.” she said. The End.

Queen Victoria’s Account of the Mystery of Lady Elizabeth

By Libby P, Loyola Park After School Program

I walked out from my palace to catch a carriage to go to a famous restaurant. I can’t recall the name now but as I walked through the door it was not as fancy as I had hoped but still fancy. I was greeted by Lady Elizabeth. She had said, “My husband seems to be missing at this time and would otherwise be here to greet you as well. I believe he is in the kitchen maybe helping prepare the food just for your presence.” She wore a sickingly yellow dress that made me wonder who her tailor was so I can make sure I stay far, far, far away I couldn’t be seen wearing something like that. The guests started complaining about the food saying it was a little off so as you might guess I was starting to get nervous. Because my food had not been served yet. Just then out of the midst of the banter of the room came a shriek. I of course had just eaten my food and was thirsty so I had just taken a sip from my glass so it surprised me greatly and I almost spat it out. But the cry of distress seemed to come from a customer who was just about to take a sip of soup when she saw a ghastly sight, an eyeball in her soup. Imagine finding some thing off of a living person in something you wish to consume. I would not only scream and shout I would sue! But later after the commotion had died down I went to the kitchen to inspect! But as I walked in there was more commotion. But instead with the police! A cook fully in uniform had handcuffs and was almost in tears. I almost felt bad! Lady Elizabeth was sobbing and as I looked around I saw a head. The End.

Jacques and the Mystery of Lady Elizabeth

By Charlie D, Loyola Park After School Program

So I’m told by the chief of police that somebody was killed at that fancy restaurant down the street that I could never afford to go to. I was hired as an undercover chef for the restaurant. When I got there I noticed a beautiful woman. Later I learned that she was the wife of the man that got killed. Over the next few days I noticed that the lady had feelings for me too. The next day she confessed her feelings to me. A few days later I was going over to her house a few minutes early but I figured she wouldn’t mind. When I got there I saw through a slit in the closet door 2 dead bodies, two young women. I looked at them a little bit closer and I noticed bruises on their necks. They were strangled. I took the prints on their necks and took them to the lab. Lady Elizabeth called me to ask where I was. I lied that I had an important family emergency. I tested the prints and they were Lady Elizabeth’s. I learned the two girls names later Claire and Emily. Claire was Lady Elizabeth’s daughter and Emily was a friend from Claire’s school. I had no idea why she would kill her own daughter. One day she was coming over to my house. When she got there I confronted. I called the police. She took out a knife and killed me. A few minutes later my invisible ghost self arose. I saw her passing the room muttering under her breath. Oh my gosh, what did I just do oh my gosh what did I just do. Then I heard sirens. She looked up, looked back down like she was thinking, then immediately took out a knife and killed herself. The police arrived a few minutes later and didn’t know who to accuse. She was wearing gloves this time. Then her ghost spirit arose and killed all of the cops. Now millions are dead and nobody knows who it is. She kills groups as she is invisible, and can go through doors. She also kills groups one at a time and ghosts can not speak so she will never be stopped. She never stopped completely but didn’t do it as much. She even now kills people and is responsible for some of the bombings and terrorist attacks in the last century. Oh yeah because bombs don’t do anything to ghosts. Then finally she was captured by the ghost busters. The End.

How to Go to School in a Fast/Safe Way

By Maggie, Mira, Branden, Sydney, and Javon, Lincolnwood Elementary

Dear The Bosses,
We believe… work should let parents drive and pick up kids to schools. Rocket cars could make the drop off fasters. It is safer when parents drop kids off. Parents know where to go. Your parents get worried when they aren’t the ones. We need our parents! The End.

The Evil Horse

By Isis, Poe Classical School

    Once, there was an Evil mean horse. He hated chicken, donut, and everything. He even hated Fun! There was a little boy named Doedo who came up to the horse and said Why are you so sad Mr. Horse? But Mr. Horse just grunted and grumbled. Fine said Doedo, so Mr. Horse went home. Mr. Horse didn’t eat anything anyone really liked soooo, he ate a Wassabi package which was really really weird to me. Then the next day the boy asked him again and he said nothing I just like being sad. The End.

Dear Purse Landlord

By Ruby D., Christopher C., Jayvon, Jalen S. , Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Dear Purse Landlord,

We are a purse, a beautiful purse! Named Betsy Johnson! And we want more objects inside of us! Like more money, cotton, food stash, & candy! We are empty and poor and we need them to live! Also we are giving other objects a home to have! Also we will irritate and keep asking you purse landlord until we get what we want! We will destroy you purse-lord unless you give us more stuff! In conclusion we want more objects!

P.S. We want a purse girlfriend!

Dear Purse,

I will give you whatever you want! I am afraid of you. I don’t want to be destroyed.

Purse Landlord
P.S. Here is a purse girlfriend. They are very nice!
The End.

The Man Farted

By Angel, Graves Elementary

The Man was eating cereal then the man farted. The man was eating broccoli the man farted again. The man was eating tacos the man farted loud. The End.


By Destiny W., 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Once while I was at home in the room with my momma and siblings we was Just watching a scary movie in my mommas room on her bed and the horror movie was called (well I don’t want to say it) and this movie have been stuck in my head for years, months, and days I can’t get it out (I wish I could) the horror movie gave me nightmares all night but I win still say It the movie was called… “candyman” that is the most scariest movie I ever in my life watched no matter how many times I do stuff It is still stuck up in my head I need to pray to god that It won’t be in my head when Im 24 years old I cant get It out! I’m going to scream and cry It is Just to scary for me (even though I love horror movies) I hate It It is the worstest horror movie I ever ever ever! Watched I need to get It out my head he’s stuck in my head I cant I repeat I cant get It out It’s like glue stuck in my brain I want it out now! It is Just too much for me! My mom even hates it. The End.

Superman and His Baby

By Lashar W., 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Once there was a boy and a man named Lashsar and superman. One day they were going to the nike store but Oh no! It was superman’s evil villain so we walked away. We were in Chicago. Superman was madder than a kangaroo kicking you, so superman went back to the nike shop. Lashar told him to walk away from the fight Superman didn’t listen. Superman was a stubborn koala. He had a baby on the way. He named his baby supermaaan Junior! The villain also had a sidekick Robert and he also had a baby on the way.
Superman is excited so Robin show up and Lashar was happy that Robin was there so the Babies have been in the world now superman was crying so was batman then Batman and superman went out to eat and Batman hands were as smooth as a Baby Butt they were so happy for superman. To Be Continued.