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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

The Haunted Doll

By Elijah, 4th Grade, Peirce School of International Studies

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was filled with anger and hatrid. So one day a wich killed her but her sole was traped in a doll. 100 years later a little girl found the doll and she loved it, but one day she was found dead next to the doll and she had just enough lif left to say“all you girls out there in room 209, your next.” All of a sudden she became the doll that took her life and the doll, the one that was 100 years old, became her. And from then on, replaced the little girl who became the doll. The End.

The Catapult Fire

By Aiden A, Loyola Park After School Program

One time a farmer was planting some pumpkins and in 5 days they became pumpkins and he had so many he didn’t know what to do he didn’t want to sell them then he had an idea. He took an ax and chopped down a tree then made it into wood then got some string and made some of it into two wheels. He made it into a catapult then puts on his gun glasses then puts all the pumpkins he does not want in the catapult and fires. The End.

The Fart Man v. The Toilet: The Watery Grave

By Armond B., Dewey School of Excellence

There was a super hero named fart man His secret Identy was Joey BoBo He lived in Ny.b. (New York butt). There was a evil deficiant villan named the toilet he would fart and absorb them to get powers like water spraying. Then they meet in central park fart the fought and the Fart man destroyed him with a fire fart and the toilet was melted and the was only water to go in his grave. And it was soaked. Then Joey Bo Bo went to get tacos and candy jams from mom. And went home to practice tooting on his butt. The End. Toot.

The Mom Who Left the Baby

By Yaritza J., Columbia Explorers Academy

Once upon a time a mom left the baby in the street because she forgot that she was going to pick up her daughter from school and the baby wanted to cry because her mom left him with all his stuff and the mom thought that she had the baby in the car but she found out that she didn’t have the baby and the mom couldn’t find the baby until she remembers where she left the baby and the mom felt happy that she found the baby and the mom and baby felt happy. The End

The Princess and The Kiss

By Lamonica R., Morton School of Excellence

Characters: Underpants the Frog and Princess Cece

UF: Princess Cece, I want you to kiss me, so I can turn into a Prince. I know you a princess and princess don’t kiss animals but I really need This because a evil wizard turn me into a Frog I know Im icky but I will dress up in a tuxedo so you don’t be all icky about me

PC: I will think about it but Im still a princess and I don’t really know if you are going to turn into a prince I like the tuxedo But I want you to take a swim in The pond and then I will kiss you. The End.

The Twins Who Freak Everyone Out

By Darryl M., Dewey School of Excellence

Once upon a time there was those two little girls they freak everyone out But it was just a miss-understanding Then they lived in this hotel they were going door to door freaking everyone out everyone moved out of there apart-ments until a Little Boy moved in he was scared of them they came knocking on there door the Little Boy answered he said “Hi you are twins right? They didn’t reply they stared at him in stead he said “you twins probably freak everyone out” together they say “we do freak everyone out then went to the news station then they worked things out.

The Day I got my Dog

By Isaly M, The Academy for Global Citizenship

Habia una ves que estaba en mi casa y mi tio mi mama y mi Papa fueron a un lado. Yo no sadia donde fueron. Vegaron un Poco tarde y luego mi tio tenia un Perrito en sus manos. Yo le dije por que tienes un Perro. Mi mama dijo es de ustedes yo me emosione mucho. Yo to tra taba de cargar no Podia. El estaba bien calmado yo no esta calmado. Yo estaba jugando con el mucho. Yo te dije a mi mama si Puede dormir con migo ella dijo que si. Yo lo enrolle en mi cobija de tinker bell. Logo el se dormio en mi cama con migo. Lugo se fuey yo me dormir. EL FIN!!!!

Untitled (Once upon a time in a village)

By Noah G, Loyola Park After School Program

Once upon a time in a village there was a boy that liked a girl but the girl liked him but it was embarrassing if she showed it. But one day he asked her out she said yes and she told him that it was embarrassing they worked it out. The end.

Day of the Dark

By Alanna and Jonathan, 4th Grade, Dixon Elementary

Characters: Chance and Batman
Setting: Gotham

Chance: Let’s rap.
Batman: No, I want to fight some crime.
(After the argument)
Chance: Ok, we’ll go fight some crime. Then we’ll rap (Sadly)
Batman: thank you, now let’s go fight some crime. (Get’s in Batmobile)
(On their way, the rapper starts rapping)
Batman: Stop it! (Angrily)
Chance: But that’s what I do.
(They finalyy arrive. Batman fights the Joker while the rapper raps in the back.)
(Batman defeats Joker.)
Chance: What I miss?
Batman: Really dude, really.

Adult Musical. This is the Adult Musical Show.

By Mia J, Kinzie Elementary

This is Merissa, a female figure and this is Dave, a male figure and also Coalen and Freddy. They all have jobs hosting Adult Musical and they were best friends. This is Adult Musical. Hi Dave Hi Freddy What’s going on. Nothing much I’m just lifting weights for Freddy. He is weak. Hey. Well it’s true. “Hi Dave there is good news and there is bad news,” cried Merissa. The good news is my voice changed. That’s great shouted Dave. But listen me me me meeeee it keeps doing that. Well try singing like this you you youuu!! Ok you you youwwww! Well just hu you will never sing again. I’m just kidding but really you will never sing again!! The End.