The Show

By Marco T., 3rd Grade, Little Village Elementary

Characters:  Rockstar, Dead Rockstar

Setting:  Haunted Library

Rockstar:  I want to go to my first gig and somewhere haunted.  I want
to go to the haunted library.

Dead Rockstar:  Come in!

Rockstar:  Sure.

Dead Rockstar:  I heard you want to do your first gig.

Rockstar:  Yes, I do!

Dead Rockstar:  Do you want to know something?

Rockstar:  Sure

Dead Rockstar:  How do you think I died?

Rockstar:  How?

Dead Rockstar:  By rocking too hard! (hahahaha) Now it’s our turn.

Rockstar:  No!

Dead Rockstar:  I will turn you into me!

Rockstar:  I look ugly.

Dead Rockstar:  I know you do.  Now we will rip!

The End

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