Tough Love

By Connor & Sebastian, Loyola Park After-school Program
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On the streets

TM: Will you marry me? (holds a ring out)

S: Only if you answer one question.

TM: O.K.  I’m ready. (jumps in the air)

S: Have you ever kissed other men’s wives?

TM:  They kiss me.  I don’t kiss them.

S: NO. (she takes the ring out and throws it in the sewer)

TM: What the heck that cost me $1,000.  (bites her finger)

S: Will you marry me? (whisper to audience, shows crown) it’s a mini crown of thorns

TM: Duh yeah. (puts on mini crown of thorns and screams very loud)

S: (she explodes)

TM: Tough love. (sighs)  (he screams so loud he explodes)