Untitled (Evil Brothers)

By Aaron H., Stuti S., and Gavreel S., Loyola Park After School Program
Podcasts Celebration of Authors COA 2008

Once upon a time there was a homemade villain, and he wanted to be a villain really bad.  He climbed a tree and fell off.  Then he remembered his plot to be evil, and he went to a store to try and rob it.  His name was Syndrone.  When he went to the store an old lady whacked him with her purse, and he fell to the floor.  All of the evil thoughts came out of his head, and he became good.  His brother WalkaKnocka became an evil boy because of the evil thoughts walked into his head.  They meet in a subway.  WalkaKnocka takes the train and throws it.  Syndrome says “Syndrome will save the day!”  and he hits the train down.  That same old lady, Old Lady Greenwood, came into the subway and whacked them both with her purse.  The evil brother turned into a tree.  The good brother became the boogieman.  The old lady found a fountain of youth and became a young lady.  She looked up at the tree and said “why does this tree look so familiar?”  The end.

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